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YouTube Features You Never Knew Existed


YouTube  has the ability and reach to make your content  infamous. With the way technology is evolving it doesn’t take much to make solid content on YouTube. The only downside to this, everyone is now making content on YouTube. It’s a huge platform and opportunity and somewhat littered with crap. Despite that, we still recommend YouTube. Today we’re going to give you the edge on YouTube Marketing by sharing 3 YouTube Features you never knew existed. Leverage these, they’ll help your brand stand out.

3  YouTube Features You Never Knew Existed

1. YouTube Fan Finder  

What if there was a way YouTube could bring YOU fans? Would you use it? I think you would. I think all of us would. Well, guess what guys, YouTube does that. It’s one of the MOST OVERLOOKED YouTube Feature on YouTube.

If you have a channel and content on their they will bring you audiences!!! All you have to do is set it up. Here’s a link to get started: YouTube Fan Finder.

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Now here’s the catch — you have to submit a channel ad for approval. It has to be short, effective, and YouTube worthy. They provide examples on there and guidelines. This is NOT impossible to do.

YouTube Fan Finder

2. YouTube Music  

I personally am not a fan of videos that don’t carry scores to them. But let’s be real, having music added to your work can be expensive and to be honest, where the heck are you supposed to look for that stuff? What is one to do?

YouTube has a pretty nifty feature where they help you find the rights to the music. They have their own searching platform to find tunes you can add to your videos. Here is a link:YouTube Audio Library.  

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Oh and guys, they even have FREE MUSIC. So if you’re on a budget and / or looking for some freebies try it out.

YouTube Free Music

3.   YouTube Live Events

YouTube is the number one search platform right after Google and guess who owns YouTube? Google.

YouTube is all about instant, visual information. What better way to share info then to stream it LIVE. You can even make a marketing stunt out of this, get people to sign up, collect those emails then broadcast the entire event.

Channels that do live streaming get an instant boost in SEO. Kind of cool if you’re looking to rank for your brand? Imagine if you had a streaming event once a month, now picture once a week? It’s worth it.

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On top of that, after you broadcast the event, make sure during production you setup the ability to record the event. This will extend the life of the content. You can just leave it on your channel and let people come back later to watch.

Here’s a link:  YouTube Live Events

YouTube - Live Events

-Treehouse 51

PS. YouTube has the ability to take any brand to the next level. You just need to be willing to spend some time creating visual content. That’s the hard part that turns people off. But I’m going to give you a way out — we do YouTube Marketing. Reach out to us to learn more. We’ll take care of the hard work for you. Poke around our website to learn more.