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3 Reasons You're Only As Good As Your Gear | Treehouse 51

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You’re Only As Good As Your Gear


What makes your brand unique? Is it your voice?   Your style?   Your prices?   Why would anyone ever want to work with you?   Let alone buy from you?   These all questions business owners have to be prepared to answer when moving forward. You have to have the capacity to see every angle and try to be a couple steps ahead of the game.   But we both know that’s easier said than done.   Well, today I’m going to talk about your gear and how dated gear is costing you revenue.

3 Reasons You’re Only As Good As Your Gear

Okay, let’s get things straight…everyone reading this has somewhat of a different business. That’s fine. We help out doctors, gamers, local organization,  athletics, the list keeps growing. This means the gear for person A is probably different from person B. We accept that. Today we’re going to dive into everyday gear that most people have across the board.

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1. Your Computer  

It’s nearly damn impossible to run a brand without a computer, but it happens. Perfect example, a few months back we took a meeting with a prospect who had been running a successfully medical practice for a few years now. We had a few phone and email exchanges and decided to meet to walk them through our process.

After showing up to their office with printed copies of our marketing plan for them, we quickly noticed the only thing in their office was a desk. No computer. YIKES! Imagine if we didn’t print anything out?

This type of stuff happens all the time. You may be on a budget or not technically friendly, this happens. However not having a computer is bad for business. You need to have in place the basics. And remember if you have it, you need to update it. Stay ahead of the trends otherwise, prospects will know something is missing.

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2.   Company Email  

It’s the little things in life that make a big difference. What we’ve seen a lot are brands with gmails as their company email. Gmail is pretty great, but having YourDomain@Gmail.com feels like it’s missing something. It doesn’t have that professional edge that you need.

If all things being equal if two websites came my way and one had gmail the other a professional email, I’d lean toward the professional email. It has that extra layer of security to it. You need to consider this  because  prospects make decisions about you within three seconds. The little things count.

3.   Your Management System  

What type of CRM do you have in place? Whether you’re a huge business or small one you need a CRM. For those that don’t know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is where you house all your data on prospects  so your marketing and sales team can easily access it.

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A solid CRM will remind you to touch base with prospects who demonstrated high value but for whatever reason aren’t customers yet. A solid CRM will have notes so you know exactly where to start the next time you reach out them. Consider implementing a CRM into your business. We haven’t seen a company where not having a CRM makes sense.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   If you’re interested in a custom CRM reach out to us. Look around our marketing website www.Treehouse51.com we offer custom CRM Systems for brands of every size. We’d be happy to discuss this with you and / or point you in the right direction.