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You Should Be Cold Calling | Treehouse 51

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You Should Be Cold Calling


Marketing at its core is about word of mouth value. Whether that’s a Facebook ad, YouTube video, direct mail piece it does not matter. Marketing is all about sharing XYZ in the attempt that prospects will not just opt into your offer but share it with others. Every marketing plan we come up with has the very least two objectives to every step we execute. This ensures higher conversions. Today we’re going to talk about an old school marketing technique — cold calling.

You Should Be Cold Calling

1. Pick Up The Phone  

Yes, you should be cold calling. You’re hearing this advice coming from a Premium Ad Agency. This doesn’t mean every day pick up the phone and dial. It doesn’t even mean all day cold call. It does mean every now and then you should cold call.

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Here’s why it’s easy for prospects to ignore a PPC Ad. It’s easy for them to trash an email campaign. How many times this week have you thrown out a direct mail piece? Exactly. Calling is a little bit more formal. It’s a little harder for prospects to ignore you. And if you do your research it’s a lot easier for high-value prospects to pay attention to you. What do I mean by that? Know who you’re calling before picking up that phone.

2. Inbound Marketing Isn’t Perfect

The trend in the marketing world is inbound marketing. This means you create content / value and prospects come to you for a sale. It’s a long term strategy and I agree it works. But it isn’t perfect. It was only recently marketers and businesses realized this type of marketing had positive impacts.

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Which begs the question, what did businesses do before to make sales? Well, they picked up the damn phone and started dialing. Look it works. Especially now when everyone and their mother is pushing automation and social media. Cold calling feels fresh to prospects and unique. It’s clever marketing. It’s not the best. It’s clever.

3. A Better First Impression

One of the biggest factors in people making a purchase has to do with their ability to LIKE YOU. With the amount of products and services out there it’s not always about who has the best deal, a lot of times it comes down to liking someone just a hair more. That’s what closes the deal.

When you call someone yes, it can be intrusive but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a script to follow, practice get comfortable talking with people you can see positive results. If you run your business I encourage you to train at least one person in the art of cold calling. Get them on the phone at least once a week for an hour or two calling places. Track your progress and results.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. The best marketing isn’t limited to one channel. It’s several mediums firing all at once working together for a common call. Marketing is a lot like Chess. Cold calling is a bold move that most brands don’t take advantage of. Which means you should. There is an opportunity there. Take it. If you want to see how we can help you amp up your marketing,  take a look around our website www.Treehouse51.com