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You Can’t Buy Web Traffic?


You can’t buy web traffic…but if you could wouldn’t you? We’re going to cut to the heart of this issue — value. Some traffic is worth more than others. It’s just how it is. Some traffic is bot, spammy, shoppers, not interested leads. Other traffic is ready to pull the trigger on day one. The fact is, you can’t just buy any old web traffic and expect sales to go up. That’s not how it works. You need targeted leads and you need to be prepared to pay for their attention.

You Can’t Buy Web Traffic Because…

1. You Don’t Really Know Your Buyer Personas

These last few years have been about inbound marketing. That’s where you create content tailored to your dream buyer and they come to you vs marketing that interrupts the buyers’ life to get their attention. Before buying links, domains, landing pages, websites really anything that has to do with marketing you need to understand your buyer. You need to sit down and map out their DNA. Doing so will help you know exactly where to spend those precious marketing dollars.

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Here are some questions to ask:

A) What is your buyers yearly revenue?
B) What are your buyers top 3 pain points?
C) Why hasn’t your buyer bought from you already?

2. You Haven’t Setup Proper PPC Tracking

The most proven way to get traffic to your website is PPC. Guys, it works. Buyers are out there but may not know about your product. It would be great to rank #1 in a Google search but is no easy task. If you’re looking for traffic to buy, PPC is a good place to start.

More often then not we see brands launch a PPC Campaign but not set up the targeting properly. You have to think of PPC almost like fishing with a net. Cast the net to wide you’re not going to catch the fish you want, have it to small — same deal. It’s an art based on data. It requires time, measuring, and tweaking. Once you find that part of the sea where the fishes are at, you want to milk it for as long as you can.

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3. You Bought Bad Traffic And Now Are Paying For It

There are two forms of SEO — onsite and offsite. Onsite means you’ve optimized the website. Offsite mostly has to do with backlinks. Backlinks are still a huge factor for SEO Rankings. A few years ago, backlinks were a numbers game. Brands would buy as many links as they could and see huge traffic spikes. Search engines like Google wised up to this and not penalize sites that have done this.

To get around this you will need to go through and disavow these links. It is a tedious process but in the end will tell Google blackhat links pointing to your site have no value to you and should not be counted against you. Be warned, once a link is disavowed you will never be able to get value from it again.

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What would you rather have? An endless flow of web traffic or a limited stream of targeted traffic? It’s a question that if you haven’t asked yourself lately you need too. Otherwise, you’re letting search engines decide this for you.

-Treehouse 51 

PS. SEO sucks. It does. It’s tedious. Long hours. Takes a lot of time to measure. Doesn’t always work. And a lot more pain points we could share. You have a few options, put up with it and keep trying. Reach out to us to take the hassle of SEO away. Or use this free guide and learn how to run an SEO audit on your site. Good hunting!