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Why Your Facebook Data is WRONG


Marketing on Facebook is a MUST. It is the largest social internet platform out there and offers a ton of resources for users, brands, and marketers. For a few months there Facebook was releasing new feature after new feature. Right now there are features in beta testing that with any luck in our time we will get to play with. One common question we come across is data. Data is everything. Being able to understand it is a must. But what happens when your Facebook data and the rest of your data ie. Google Analytics don’t sync up. If you’ve ever seen the backend of Facebook stats you know, it’s not that user-friendly as we wish it could be.

3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Data is WRONG

1. Your Website is SLOW

Site speed impacts SEO, bounce rate, pages getting index, ad performance and yes even Facebook. You may get a prospect to click on a Facebook ad / post leading to your website but notice in your analytics that nothing is there. That may be because your website took too long to load and the prospect bailed.

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Speed is everything. The way to test this is jump on different devices and go to your website. Yes, you can Google something like “Free Site Speed Test.” But the reason we suggest you attempting to access your website on different devices is so you can get a sense of what the user goes through. You’ll notice the lag if any.

2. You Don’t Have The Right Time Sync

So you’re on Facebook and you built your Facebook Page. However, you forgot to take into account that when you joined Facebook originally you were in New York and now in California. You just haven’t gotten around to updating the time settings in your account. If this sounds like you, please stop reading this, jump on Facebook and update your location.

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On the other hand, you set up your Google Analytics account and when doing so the part where they ask you to pick your timezone you overlooked or didn’t give it much consideration, whatever the reason the wrong time is in place. You NEED to fix this. It’s fairly simple to do. Just jump into your admin panel, find general settings and correct the time zone.

3. You’re Using Filters  

Not all data is important. Some, in fact, you can stand to miss out on. The clever data analyst will go out of their way to setup filters. If you’re interested in learning how to do that here’s a guide we wrote breaking it down with images, steps, the works: Top Google Analytic Filters.

Now there is a good chance someone set up tracking for you, then a second person launched your social media campaign on Facebook and possibly a third person is reading your data. You need to sit everyone in a room and have a conversation about who is doing what. Knowing where all the parts are is essential for painting a clear picture of the data.

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We’ve even seen some software updates on websites take out analytic data and brands not knowing this for weeks. It’s scary learning you have no data to go off on. To protect yourself, take the extra minute to make sure everyone is in sync.

-Treehouse 51

PS. How much time, money and energy could you save by knowing the true value of your data? What difference would that make in the next board meeting you were attending? What value would that bring when making your next move? We believe data is GOLD and as such should be treasured. Don’t miss out on it. Understand your data. If you’re interested in talking to expert data analyst reach out to us at