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Why Does Your Website Require SEO Services? | Treehouse 51

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Why Does Your Website Require SEO Services?


I’ve been wearing different marketing hats for over ten years. One of the biggest objections I see consistently is the value of SEO aka search engine optimization. And it makes sense, most respected SEO Experts will tell you, you won’t see SEO Rankings boosts for at least four months. Okay, what happens in the meantime?   It’s a hard sell. You have to believe down the line SEO will magically kickstart your business to the next level. Today we’re going to dive into why your website requires SEO Servies.

Why Does Your Website Require  SEO Services?

For those that don’t know think of the internet as outer space. Think of websites as planets floating around in space. It’s never ending and there’s so much content out there it’s exhausting. What proper SEO does is ensure your brand is placed in front of people who care about it and not just floating around aimlessly in outer space hoping that someone finds you.

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1. Search Engines Will NOT Look At You Without SEO  

Search Engines like Google want you  to do everything you possibly can to provide a positive experience for users. This means making things simple and clear. This means optimizing your website for SEO. If you think you can get away with not doing this you will get dinged and see your rankings quickly drop or worse, you will never get the traffic you deserve.

2.   Marketing Is Longterm  

It’s not a race to the finish line. It’s about planting roots that will grow into a kingdom. True marketing is about long-term thinking that will generate you leads down the road. What does that mean? Well, when it comes to SEO we both know it takes time. Instead of knocking it down realize this is good for your business. Activity down the road is good for bringing in traffic and increasing brand awareness.

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3.   SEO Is Cost Effective

Unlike PPC Campaigns for the most part SEO is pretty cost effective. Think about it, you optimize your website and content now and months later the work you put in today is bringing you leads. This is a no brainer guys. Even if you don’t believe in SEO you know your business will ideally be open for more than six months. It makes sense to have an SEO plan for when those six months come up to measure the ROI of your SEO efforts.

4.   Your Competiton Won’t Sit Around  

If you need a fire lit under your ass here it is…the truth is your competition will NOT wait for you to get started. They won’t care what stage your marketing. They will do almost anything to have the edge. Which means what? Don’t let them get the upper hand. They will be doing this, so make sure YOU do it better.

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5. Over 80% Of Searches Start Online  

We’re living in an era where people rarely jump in the car and just drive to a shop to buy a product. Consumers go online and research products. The products that show up first are the ones that have optimized their SEO. Can you say you’ve done that? If not, it’s time to get to work guys.

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