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Why Does SEO Matter? | Treehouse 51

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Why Does SEO Matter?


Hiding in plain sight is unicorn marketing guys call SEO. It’s a magical being that if you invest a ton of time, money and energy in MAYBE…just MAYBE you’ll see results in possibly four to six months. That’s right, in about half a year, give or take, you’ll see your website rankings increase. Well gosh, darn it, who is ready to sign that contract in blood with me? What? Something about that feel off? It’s magical guys. A freaking magical unicorn, come on.

Why Does SEO Matter?

The SEO pitch has some obvious objections to overcome. But if you’ve owned a website for awhile no doubt you heard about search engine optimization and how it can help you. Despite hearing this over and over again, you still don’t know what it’s about. So today I’m going to break it down for you

1.   Google Won’t Pay Attention Without SEO

Think of search engines like librarians. Let’s focus on Google since that is the most popular one. Google is a librarian. That’s it. Everything about Google wants to be cool. Google wants to be the popular kid. That’s why Google give you brownie points when you are active on social media. Google eats that stuff up.

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As a librarian, Google’s main job is to keep its books organized. The number way Google does this is through SEO. Without proper SEO on your website, your book will get lost or worst placed in the back of the line.

2.   SEO Will Bring You Revenue FOREVER

If you like money, then you will love SEO. SEO is a long term strategy. The more you do now, the bigger the payoff is later. In most cases, it’s true you won’t see results on SEO for months. Read our article where we break down what specific timeline to expect from your SEO efforts —>  How Long Does Seo Take To Work

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However, once you have launched you marketing campaign and are leveraging SEO know that you will see results, and continue results down the road. Remember how I said Google is a librarian? The reason you don’t see results tomorrow is because Google has a million books to go through. It’ll take Google some time to get to your website and file it away. Once it does you will be better off. I promise. That magical unicorn is out there.

3. Your Competition LOVES SEO

The biggest issue with SEO is the competition. You spend a week doing something, so does your competition. It’s hard to get past that. That’s why you need to really dive into your marketing plan to figure out a solid roadmap to bring you the highest chances of success. Just because your competition is doing this, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. You just need to do SEO better.

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It starts with having a strong fundamental. Know about SEO. Know what pleases search engines. If you need help figuring that out we have a guide with over 200 Google Ranking Factors —>  The Ultimate Google Ranking Factor List

-Treehouse 51

PS. I love poking fun at SEO. It’s easy. A lot of agencies fail to convey the importance of SEO because they pitch it as something that requires a little bit of faith. This isn’t so. SEO works best when you have a plan in place. Ie. on month one expect this, month two  this, and so and so forth. SEO alone won’t improve your business you need to be leveraging a few different channels of your marketing to get Google’s attention. Interested in learning more? Look around our website www.Treehouse51.com we’re happy to help.