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Why Buying FAKE Facebook Likes Is Retarded


Today we are going to talk about one of the most desired Black Hat SEO mistakes brands make. It involves buying FAKE Facebook likes in bulk. We’ve all seen this on social media. You’re clicking around and see a mom-and-pop shop that’s been open for only a week but has over 10,000 likes. How did they do it?   With those types of likes, they must be making big bucks right? Wrong. I’m going to explain to you why buying Facebook likes actually hurts your brand.

3 Reasons  Why Buying FAKE Facebook Likes Is Retarded

1. You Can’t Make Money Off Of Bots

Most of the time when fake Facebook likes are purchased they are done so in bulk and delivered within 3 days on average. The effect is a huge boost in likes, but so what?   This is business. The name of the game of making money, honey. And if you’re dropping even a penny on Fake Facebook Likes odds are they are all automated robots — IF YOU’RE LUCKY.

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Why do say if you’re lucky? Well, if this bulk order is outside your target area and actually REAL PEOPLE this can backfire in a huge way. Which I’ll explain in point two.

2. Facebook’s Page Algorithm Will Ding You

Every brand needs a Facebook page. It’s good for business. It’s good for SEO. However, within the last year, Facebook has made it extremely difficult for brands to get exposure. Their new algorithm basically says your fans / followers need to engage with your content to get continued exposure. If they don’t, then every time you post less and less of your fans will see your content.

Did that make sense? If you post on your page and no one comments, shares, or likes it you will get dinged. The penalty depends on your follower size.   Those pages who bought fake likes and now have huge followings will get hit harder then newbie pages with fewer likes.

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3.   There’s A Better Way To Get Likes  

Facebook hasn’t mastered a way to turn likes into cash. They’re trying. But success is all over the place for most brands. If you’re going to buy Facebook likes run a campaign on Facebook. For $5 a day you can reach over 100 people depending on your target criteria.

Realistically, if you are not spending money on your Facebook page it’s of little value to you beyond a tool for prospects to check out. It’s not going to mysteriously grow overnight. It won’t bring in that revenue you want it too. You need to have a marketing plan to really utilize this platform for your best interest.

How To Setup Facebook Ads?

Some of you out there are going to try to set up ads. We admire that. We love the entrepreneur spirit and respect those who give it a shot. We want you to have the best chance of success so we have a free guide right here where we break down how to setup Facebook Lead Ads. This is the new form of opt-in forms. It’s super detailed and walks you through step by step what to do. Give it a read because it will save you time, money and energy. —–>  The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Lead Ads

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-Treehouse 51

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