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When To Tell Your Boss To Shut Up


George Carlin had a joke that went something like this, “Most people just work hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.” This is the world we live in for a good portion of Americans. You need to work to live. It’s not always possible to have that dream job. Sometimes a job, is just that A JOB. But at what point should you hold your ground? At what point should you tell your boss to shut up? Now I know what you’re thinking, some bosses out there deserve to hear this on the daily right.

When To Tell Your Boss To Shut Up

We’re going to cover three methods of getting your point(s) across. Each one will escalate in risk and satisfaction. Each method is doable and an easy way to navigate your field.

1. When The Data Is Clear

You need to be eloquent with how you nudge your boss to shut up. Yelling at them to shut up although may feel great can obviously cost you your job if delivered in the wrong frame of light. It’s best to have some stats backing you up.

Try to put together a one to three-page report supporting whatever viewpoint you have. Make it simple to read and understand. Run it by your boss in a way that doesn’t make them look like a complete ass. For instance, the old “Can I get your opinion on something…” from there let them come to their own conclusion based on the data.

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The risk factor here is low. You’re playing the “I’m not sure what this means” card. But you do. It lets your boss save face and you don’t appear out of line. It’s good business.

2. At Your Next Meeting

Not a lot of people like going to meetings because honestly most managers don’t know how to run meetings. They cover unnecessary points, spend way too much time creating a meeting template, and nothing new comes of the meeting. It’s just a big waste of time. The more meetings you have like this, the more respect is lost for the entire process and those running the meeting.

But when the opportunity arises for a different viewpoint do you stand your ground or shy away from it? What if there was a way you could agree with whoever was talking BUT STILL GET YOUR POINT ACROSS?

One trick that works is agreeing with the opposition. Saying things like, “I hear what you’re saying…INSERT YOUR IDEA HERE,” or “To your point…INSERT YOUR IDEA HERE.” By agreeing with them you’re being a team a player, but also providing value in different forms.

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the risk factor here is medium. I’ve seen this tactic work successfully but there is a huge catch. Don’t be that guy who NEVER listens and just throws out these buzz phrases all the time. If you do that, you’re dead in the water. Everyone will see through you.

3.  ¬†When Your Boss Is An A-hole and So Is Management

The method everyone dreams of using — telling management and your boss F-U, shut up, you’re wrong. This method is risky. No one likes confrontation. No one likes to hear that their wrong. A lot of people have egos. You need to be in a place where you’re ready for any type of backlash. And there will be backlash.

In this situation when two ideas are going head to head you can do a couple things…start your point by saying, “With all due respect…there is another option.” This is passive and will be easier for people to digest. You can be bold and blunt and say, “You’re wrong.” Followed up by your point of view. Here you’re on thin ice and will have the attention of everyone in the room. And finally, you can say “Shut up, you’re wrong.”

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With the final option there is one way to this successfully without getting fired. The secret is in your done. Have an easy, fun, playful tone and telling your boss to shut up won’t be taken so harsh.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Don’t quit your job or risk getting fired over small things. If something happens that you believe in and believe it’s worth fighting for, do so. You live one life. Live it. All of us have bills and responsibilities but some things are worth standing up for. You need to decide what those are for yourself and hold your ground when the time comes. Nothing wrong with that.

The reason we’re sharing these “office hacks” on how to talk with your boss is because we recently were talking with a prospect and they were sharing their concerns about their boss being an a-hole. It happens. They’re everywhere. The subject felt strong enough for us to provide some insight on how to deal with situations in this realm. If you’re interested in more drop us a line at