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What To Do When You Get PR but No Editorial Links | Treehouse 51

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What To Do When You Get PR but No Editorial Links


First off kudos on the recent visibility in the PR world. It’s exciting, right? You build something or are in the news and now PR is following you. It’s a solid way to grow your website traffic and authority. Not to mention build powerful links pointing back to your website. But what happens when you get some PR and they don’t link back to you? This actually happens a lot to companies. What are you supposed to do when you get PR but No Editorial Links? Today we’re going to figure out how to make a somewhat negative situation positive.

What Is PR?

For those who don’t know, PR stands for Public Relations.   You see PR News all the time when you’re on Facebook or even just surfing the web. It’s basically a news entity writing an article on something that includes you.

Can You Pay For PR?

Yes. If you’re new to the space or don’t have those connections or time to create them, you can always write a check depending on your industry and pay to get your article featured in the PR world. Keep in mind each PR space is different so you have to do a little research here to find the right space to pay for that meets your needs.

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Why Wouldn’t You Get a PR Link?

Most PR spaces are intended to share knowledge and news and not be leveraged as a link building platform. They try to stay away from having that “Sales Persona.” As a result, you may be featured in an article and receive no relevant link.

What Do To When You Get PR but No Editorial Links

1. Reply To Comments As Soon As Possible

Great news you’ve been featured online in a PR article and readers are engaging with the article. Now is the time to speak up and engage back. A decent article will get responses. Take advantage of this engagement. Answer any questions and provide value to these readers.

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2. Expand On The News

Most PR News is heavy with content. Often times they push 700 words or more. Often times they feel like 700 words or more. Try to look at the piece from a different perspective. Ask yourself if there are ways to expand more on aspects of it. Point the PR readers to any other related articles that are relevant to the piece. Perhaps highlights, or a quick overview of what is written.

3. Build Social Clout

So what if you didn’t get a link! You got published, didn’t you? Leverage that. The power of word of mouth and endorsements is HUGE on the internet. Add a badge to your website letting readers know where you have been featured.

4. Befriend the Journalist

Whether you paid to have the PR article written about you or not you should always try to build and maintain a positive relationship with the staff or journalist connected to the PR space. Their job is to produce content all the time. They need to find content and the good ones will have an editorial calendar they need to fill. Ask them how you can help provide content for them and what type of stories they’re interested in.

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Some PR Thoughts…

PR is a long-term strategy. The brands that have the best result in this space accept that and take the time to develop relationships in the PR world.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Here’s a bonus tip for those interested in the PR world — it doesn’t always have to be breaking news. Human stories get just as much traffic if not more than “breaking news” topics. Take a step back and look at your brand. Is there anything worth writing about? Maybe how you got started? Maybe charities you’ve helped? Maybe contributions you’ve made? Think it over. If you need a helping hand on some PR feel free to reach out to us at www.Treehouse51.com