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What To Do After You Are Ranking


Yesterday we discussed realistic expectations on your SEO (—->Read SEO Ranking Expectations Here), so it makes sense for us to dive into what to do after you are ranking in major search engines like Google. First off, congrats on getting this far, we both know it wasn’t easy and a lot of time, energy, and no doubt money got you here. But now that you’re here, what’s next? Do you even need SEO anymore? How long are you going to be on page one of   a Google Search? Keep reading and find out.

What To Do After You Are Ranking

1.   Amp Your Marketing  

The moment you start ranking, actually weeks before it looks like you will start ranking you need to get ready to amp up every part of your marketing. Why is that? Once you’re on top everyone will be gunning to knock you out. That’s just reality. Now is not the time to slow down you’re marketing but amp it up. Now is the time to really get it out there and expand everything you are doing.

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2. Setup Lead Capture Forms

With rankings comes traffic. If you’re getting traffic now would be the time to think about how you are pushing them through your sales and marketing funnel.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I remarketing to them?
  • Am I leveraging social media engagement?
  • Am I constantly providing sharable value?

The answer to all of the above should be YES at this point in the game.

3. Leverage Automation

At this point don’t try to be Superman, you’re not. Now is the time to sit back and review your marketing. Can anything be automated? If so, automate the crap out of it. Less time wasted on these types of tasks helps you scale your business and capture more leads.

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4.   Be Honest With Your Data

Look at everything you did to get here and measure it. Be 110% honest on what worked and what didn’t. Really take your time here. Before you launched your marketing you had goals in place, right? RIGHT? You should always have goals in place before doing anything or else how do you know if it worked or not. In this situation, measure everything and see what you want to do again but times three.

5. Rank For New Keywords

Now that you have some juice behind your  initial  rankings you’re going to want to target  more  competitive  keywords and go after them.   When you started this may have seemed impossible to do, but now search engines like Google see value in your content and you’re not an underdog. You have a fighting chance to rank for keywords you first thought were outside your control. Go for them.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. Being Ranked #1 on Google isn’t everything. You need to think about conversions. You need to look at the traffic you’re getting and really define if it is the “right” traffic for your brand. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes this traffic is costing you money. For instance, if you’re an OC, SEO company selling services to only Orange County but you get mad visits from Russia…well that’s not good right? Right. Poke around our website www.Treehouse51.com and see how we can help you secure your leads.