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What Organic Traffic Is Really Worth To You


So you noticed some web traffic or maybe a dip in traffic orrrr maybe no traffic at all. Either way, you look at it you know organic traffic has value but what is it really worth to you? So what if you have 100 website visitors in a day — what did your brand get out of it? As it stands you’re paying for the domain name, hosting, the content, maybe even marketing to get them there. So what is the true value of organic traffic? And I answer…

What Organic Traffic Is Really Worth To You

First off, let’s understand what organic traffic is — this is when someone types in a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc a certain set of keywords and your brand pops up. Something about the way your brand stood out, whether it be the title, the meta description, your brand name, SOMETHING stood out to the prospect and they clicked on it.

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From here they poked around your website. Kudos you have just experienced organic traffic.

How Does Organic Traffic Hurt My Business?  

I’m going to start with the negatives and work our way up. Organic traffic is bad for your website if any of the following is currently happening:

1. You’re not collecting data

Data is King in our world. It’s gold. No one should ever visit any part of your website without you collecting some sort of data on them. This is a must if you plan on doing any type of marketing. Think about the Inbound Marketing Process which relies heavily on Buyer Personas. In order to make a Buyer Persona, you need data. Collect data folks.

2. You have no analytics in place

It’s great that you’re tracking data, but what the heck does it mean? You need to be able to look at the data and report on it. Not just that, you need to track what’s important data and not get bothered by the noise. For instance, popular pages that’s important, the location of the visitor also important, actions they took on your site very important.

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3. You’re not marketing to organic traffic

Sometimes you get traffic just because of the content and previous marketing / web efforts you’ve done. In this case, if you’re not marketing to this traffic they may not be a premium lead. You may have unintentionally attracted their visit, but they have no interest in your site. This is bad for data, it cost you money, and sadly there isn’t a 100% surefire way to block this. What you need to do is analyze your SEO measures and make sure you have everything in place to constantly be marketing to the RIGHT targets.

4. The organic visitor left without saying bye

Ugh. God, I hate this one. But it happens all the time. If a visitor went to your site and left, this is bad news. You want to provide a clear call to actions for them so that they convert or at least are captured into your sales funnel. Review your copy on EVERY PAGE. Do you ask them to take an action? Can you ask them to take action? Do so.

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How Can Organic Traffic Help Me?  

Now the good news. The internet is like a popularity contest. The more relevant traffic you get the higher the odds of sales, the greater the odds of link building and social shares. This is huge in the world of SEO. But to get there you need to knock out the negatives.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   Remember not all traffic is created equal. Some traffic can hurt you, skew your data and cost you money. To get ahead of this you need to follow SEO Best Practices. We encourage you to poke around our website for more solutions.