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What Mobilegeddon Did To Your Brand


Within the past year everything web designers, marketings, online websites knew to be true changed. A new algorithm came out of the depths of search engine hell screaming “The time to mobilize your website has come.”   Millions of websites took a huge hit in SEO because they didn’t hear the screams, they didn’t realize the full impact of this update. Meanwhile, millions of other websites dropped top dollar to be mobile optimized. You couldn’t talk to a decent web designer and not have a section included about being mobile friendly. The fear was everywhere. Mobilegeddon has arrived and every website was a target.   But in the end, what did Mobilegeddon do to your brand? Keep reading to find out.

What Mobilegeddon Did To Your Brand

1. Your Twitter Account Got A Boost in SEO

Twitter isn’t my favorite social platform by far. I think it’s populated with too many bots, too much spam, not enough value. However to disregard Twitter is a mistake in the world of SEO. For those who don’t have a Twitter account, start one. Just have it online, connect it to your website. Down the road, we’ll share a How to Guide on Twitter. For now, take ten minutes and get on that.

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Twitter’s platform is primary mobile. It’s a huge social platform. Websites leveraging Twitter got an instant boost in SEO once Mobilegeddon took effect.

2. Your Ad Costs Went Up

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter. Back in the day, you could make bank spending as little as a dollar. Nowadays, things have gotten a bit more complex. Just within these past few weeks Google has removed a HUGE PPC ad feature. If you’re interested in learning about that click here:  “THE END OF PPC”.  

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With  Mobilegeddon being a real thing now, it meant PPC Campaigns that didn’t play the mobile friendly rules are now paying a few bucks more to have their content marketed. A few bucks here and there adds up people.

3. Your Visibility Took A Hit

Mobilegeddon didn’t mean make one page on your website mobile friendly. It meant you ENTIRE website. Most websites that have been online for over one year range around 200 pages. Each one of those pages needs to be mobile friendly.

This may sound daunting at first, but a good web designer can write a code and make sure you’re taken care of. With that said, web pages that are not mobile friendly are currently hurting your overall SEO Ranking Factors.

Think of it like this — web pages pass link juice to each other. If page A is NOT Mobile Friendly and passing it to page B, C, D, etc then it is passing an infection along hurting the other pages. It’s a slow effect guys, so don’t freak out. You can save this.

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-Treehouse 51  

PS. Every part of your online presence needs to be created and shared in a “Human Way.” You’ll hear us talk about this in a ton of our blogs. Search Engines are trying to please humans and be human. A good rule of thumb for those out online is to ask yourself, “Is What I’m Doing Human?” If it’s not, then odds are there may be issues. In this case, being mobile friendly is a human norm in our society. See the connection? If you’re interested in talking shop drop us a line at