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What Is Better, SEO or PPC? | Treehouse 51

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What Is Better, SEO or PPC?


Recently I had lunch with a prospect and we spent a good chunk talking about past marketing efforts and the future for their brand. The prospect had some knowledge about SEO and PPC but not enough to optimize their results, budget or time. That’s why they hit us up. We got to talking and a question, which is better, SEO or PPC? Today we’re going to the pros and cons and answer that for you lovely people.

What Is Better, SEO or PPC?

1. The #1 Pro Of SEO

A)   SEO Lasts

SEO in like going to college. You have to study, take a lot of tests, do some legwork but after a semester, you’ll get rewarded. You’ll have recognition from your peers, family, even outsiders who will give you brownie points in being awesome. It works as long as you’re willing to do the work.

The #1 Con Of SEO

B) It Takes Work

That’s where the problem is. Work. Most of the time what stops people from doing something is the idea that they actually have to work to get it. It’s overwhelming. That make sense. And let’s say you do have the energy to do the work, you may not see results for MONTHS. That’s a scary thought. I’m telling you, you can do all this work and you may not even see one ounce of results for months.

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2. The #1 Pro of PPC

A) Immediate Traffic  

If you have a budget in place you can create a PPC campaign and drive prospects to your website. This is easy and totally doable. You can target states, nations, genders, etc. There is no limit. And as long as you have some money to spend you can almost put money on the fact that people will go to your targeted URL. It’s not a bad investment. It will bring you those immediate results you’re hungry for. But it won’t last forever. Traffic will fade the moment the moment the budget runs out.

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The #1 Con of PPC

B) It’s Expensive   

You have to spend money to make money. No way around it in this medium. The problem is if you’re not setup to capture leads they will leave and you will get nothing out of us but a dent in your wallet. It’s not fun. You need to make sure your landing page is popping, your keywords game is strong, your product is in the best possible light. Otherwise, you will be pissing money into the digital ocean known as the web.

Which Is Better, PPC or SEO?

It all goes to your objective. Obviously, we recommend to clients to do both. That’s where you’ll get the most success. However there are situations where doing both doesn’t make sense. For instance, maybe you have a sale and just need to get the word out. PPC is the way to go. It’s immediate. Or maybe you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche — now we’re looking at SEO. The two are like a coin, let them work together and you’ll get amazing results.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. No matter what stage of the game you are in, eventually you will need to try PPC if you want to grow. Whether that’s via social media, mobile ad, Google, you will want to test this. Every brand should have that data about their  organization that will take them to the next level. If you want help figuring out when the best time is to launch these efforts, reach out to us at www.Treehouse51.com our website is full or marketing resources your brand can leverage today.