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What Does It Feel Like To Be The Top Google Result | Treehouse 51

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What Does It Feel Like To Be The Top Google Result


We grew up in a world where if you weren’t first, you were last. Being number one came with perks. It came with glory. There was that extra pat on your back from your folks. You could walk around school with your head held high knowing that everyone there saw you as number one. How has that changed?   Your website being number one nowadays…what does that actually mean? How does that bring in revenue? Let’s find out.

What Does It Feel Like To Be The Top Google Result

1. Increased Search Engine Traffic

The number one benefit to being number one is traffic. The moment you dominate a string of keywords or niche, you will start bringing in traffic. Unless the keywords you went after were crap and no one was really searching for them, then this jump in traffic will be very minor.

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Traffic doesn’t mean sells. It doesn’t mean people are looking at you as number one. If anything you need to hold yourself to a higher level.

Ask yourself:

  • Did you optimize your landing page?
  • Are you leveraging remarketing?
  • Are you collecting data?

Being number one is a responsibility. If you’re not doing this, someone else will.

2. False Sense Of Revenue

I still chat with prospects obsessed with being in the number one spot of a Google search. Most expect this to happen overnight. A lot of brands think if you’re number one your revenue will increase. This is just not the case.

Being number one does increase brand awareness, but what if your brand is weak? I know none of us want to admit this, but what if there are issues with your brand that you haven’t addressed. Maybe your prices are too low and customers are turning away. We’ve seen it happen. Pricing your services too low can actually hurt your chances of success. Or what if your number one, but you website is mobile friendly so you get traffic for a moment then they leave?

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Being on the top does NOT mean more revenue. The moment you start ranking, that’s when the hard work begins. Everything you were doing needs to amp up tenfold so you can dominate your space.

3.   You Will Always Stay #1

One of the largest pitfalls I see brands fall in is thinking once they reach the number one spot they will stay there forever. It’s not the case. Ranking change all the time. Remember how you got to the number one spot, maybe you started blogging or making videos, whatever you did the guy down the street is doing too. And guess what he is determined to knock you off spot number one because  he thinks it will get him revenue.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. I challenge everyone reading this to want more than to being number one. You could be number 350 and bring in crazy amounts of revenue.   Being in the number one spot doesn’t mean jack unless you’ve optimized every part of your marketing and sales funnel. But there’s nothing stopping you from optimizing this funnel right now. Look around our website: www.Treehouse51.com we have hundreds of marketing resources for you to take advantage.