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Virtual Reality – Welcome To The Rift


The future of marketing isn’t direct mail, Facebook ads, PPC Campaigns, it’s interactive content.   Just this year March 2016 a new medium is being rolled out to the public that will reshape what we know about marketing. It’s an immersive form of interactive content.  It’s Virtual Reality. Today we’re going to talk about this platform means to your brand and it will evolve.

What Is Virtual Reality?

We’re living in such an exciting time and VR is such a unique platform that we are seriously considering investing huge money into a VR company ourselves. That’s how much we believe in it. But what is it?

Imagine being in your living room after a long day of work, shutting your eyes for just a moment, then opening them and finding your self on the top of Mount Everest. You can see for miles and miles beyond the clouds over the rolling rocks. You can hear the chilled wind, whistle by you as your eyes explore a place few humans have ever experienced.

Now picture yourself walking and seeing the scene change and update without any type of rendering that would make you think, “This isn’t real.” That’s virtual reality at it’s peak. He-he see what I did there?

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VR is an immersive experience that will take the everyday man, woman, and child and let them see the world, let enjoy experiences they’ve never known before. It’s the future and IT IS NOW.

Why Are We Talking About This?  

Treehouse 51 is about value and adding value every chance we get. We’re betting every penny we have that VR will change how marketing is executed.

Just think of what car commercials can be now. Let the prospect have 10 seconds to experience what it would feel like to drive a Lamborghini.   I guarantee within our lifetime this will exist.

How Can You Get In On This?

Now is the time more then ever to invest in your marketing team. A lot of readers already have a team in place and come to us for strategies on how to up their game. That’s fine.

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What you need to focus on now, is having storytellers on your team.   We’re talking super right sided brainiacs who know how to tell a good story. This is an invest. With ten years VR technology will be  ubiquitous. The people who will have an instant advantage in this medium will be the storytellers. The ones who understand the value of providing an experience to remember for users.

What VR Company Should You Pay Attention To?  

Oculus  <—–  This company was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, the found of Facebook about two years ago. Facebook has invested BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in this company.   Money gets stuff done. Not only that talent. Facebook has the best minds in the world on their team.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk one on one with a social media rep and these guys know their stuff. When it comes to Oculus there was already a team in place. Facebook helped them expand and take their brand to the next level.

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Since buying them, they have spent years, so much time, energy and raw talent building this platform for users. They’ve recently released their Rift platform and it is by far one of the most comprehensive gaming platforms I have ever seen.

They’ve really taken the launch of products to the next level — thinking and mapping out every bell and whistle for our enjoyment.

Pay attention to these brand because they are on the forefront of the future.

-Treehouse 51

PS. We are living in the BEST TIME to be in Marketing. The amount of technology out there is crazy. The things you can do are insane. It’s exciting. It’s fresh. It’s different. It’s for future customers. It really gets our team excited talking about. Don’t be a stranger because if you want to take your marketing to the next level, you need new, fresh, ideas. We’re happy to share them. You can look around website www.Treehouse51.com to see what we’re all about.