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Top Google Analytics Filters


Google Analytics is a must if you are as obsessed with data as we are. You want to be in situations where you make a call based on Smart Data. That’s pretty much what the web has come down to… Smart Data vs Crappy  Data. Setting up Google Analytics is not enough. You need to go an extra step and configure filters to see a true picture of what matters and what is crap. Don’t worry, we’re about to walk you through where to find these filters and how to set up the Top Google Analytics Filters.

How to Setup Google Analytics Filters?  

1. Sign into Google Analytics and locate the “Admin” tab on the very top of your dashboard.

2. Scroll over to the third row and click on filters.

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Google Analytics - Filter Setup

3. The Google Analytic Filter Screen will appear. Select “Add Filter” — you can’t miss this. It’s the big red button.

Kudos on getting far!  Hopefully, you didn’t break the entire world wide web. The next section we will dive into the top 3 overlooked Google Analytic Filters.

3 Google Analytic Filters You NEED To Setup NOW.

1. Full  Referral  URL  

Who the heck is coming to your website? No really, nothing is more annoying than looking at a report and seeing random URL’s that mean nothing. It’s great you’re getting referral traffic, but what would be icing on the cake would be knowing exactly WHO the referral is coming from. This little trick has Google Analytics tell you exactly that.

Follow the steps in red…First you setup the name.

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Google Analytics - Full Ref. Step 1

Next, you add a few simple tags: (.*) and $A1

Google Analytics - Full Ref. Step 2

Easy right?

2.   USA Traffic Only  

Most of our clients only care about traffic coming from good ole’ USA baby. Odds are you are in the similar boat. This filter is one of the most overlooked filters in Google Analytics. Make sure to take the extra minute to setup. It’s key to a clear picture of the data.

Google Analytics - US Traffic Only

3. Stop the Bots  

Love it or hate bots and spiders are out there crawling your site and impacting your picture of data. Use this filter to exclude the most common bots out there.

Insert this tag in the Filter Pattern Section:  ^(microsoft corp(oration)?|inktomi corporation|yahoo! inc\.|google inc\.|stumbleupon inc\.)$|gomez

Google Analytics - Stop The Bots

Final Thoughts…

Google Analytics is a must for anyone on the web. It is. Their platform feels a bit dated. And some of the settings are honestly a little frustrating. But this tool is a proven way to save money and MAKE MONEY. Give these filters a try and a little tip for the road…don’t forget to filter out your website.

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-Treehouse 51.  

PS. You do know how to filter out your website right? Just to be on the safe side. Follow the steps below. What did you think we were going to leave you hanging? Never 🙂  

Google Analytics - IP Address

If you’re interested in finding out more about data tracking, leveraging your data, setting up Google Analytics, you name it — please don’t hesitate to ask. We live and die with data. Well, data and good food. But mostly data. Learn more about us at