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Top 7 Brand Pitfalls


Congratulations on whatever stage you are at  with your company. We tip our hats to those fellow entrepreneurs who didn’t give up and made it this far. Today we’re going to share the top branding pitfalls we regularly see with prospects. The idea behind this article is to take your company to an Elite Brand Level.

Top 7 Branding Pitfalls  

1. Forgetting To Create A Brand Style Guideline Package

Every business will evolve in terms of their team. People will retire, quit, get fired, just basically move on. How are newbies supposed to know what is accepted when they are brought on the team?   Imagine how much time your team could save if there was a style guide to reference.   A clear, simple set of rules for brands to follow when turning in work, developing work, etc.

So many businesses forget to make this. It’s not hard. You want it to include a few key features:

A) Brand Font

B) Brand Colors

C) Brand Logo(s)

D) Brand Taglines

E) Brand Imagery

F) Brand Mascot / Icon

G) Other IMPORTANT Brand Necessities

2.   No Brand Policy  

Have some rules in place to make sure your brand is always in the best light.   Whether this is an email signature or how someone answers the phone — have rules in place. This will help establish a clear, concise brand.   Creating the brand guidelines is only half the battle, now you need to use them.

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3.   Letting Your Marketing Material(s) Get Stale  

This one happens a lot. You have a marketing team, they develop marketing assets — think a flyer and your brand uses them for events and what not. The thing is your brand has been using the same flyers for the past four years.

This is a no, no. If in four years you are using the exact same marketing material something is wrong here. You need to update this content.   It doesn’t have to be every week, it can be once a year if need be. But you MUST update it. New marketing ideas, trends, verbiage comes out all the time. Stay current with the times or you run the risk of being a dated brand.

4.   Trying To Please Everyone  

You know what happens when you highlight every word in a book? You highlight NOTHING.

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Stop trying to please everyone and their mother. Just STOP IT. Take risks. Be bold. Have a Brand Voice. This is essential for companies of all sizes and is the number one thing companies are too scared to do and / or never take the time to consider.

Think of how much content has gotten hurt because you censored it to please everyone. Why? Is everyone your customer? I doubt it.

5.  Trying To Hard To Be Different

This is another no-no. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t. You just have, to be honest, and stand for something. Whatever that something may be, your brand must believe it to its core and stand for it. Don’t go out of your way to be “different” people will see through that in a heartbeat.

6. Talking Too Much Jargon

Buzzwords are cool but up to a point, they are just BUZZZZ-Words. See what I did there? Clever, I know. Keep your brand on the human side. Make it appeal to your niche. And guys I’m sorry to say YOU MAY NOT BE THE BEST PERSON TO WRITE THIS. Consider hiring a copywriter. Someone trained in making your brand stand out.

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7.   Not Letting Employees Promote On Social Media  

You can’t force people to do something, let alone employees. But you can ask them NOT to post about your brand on social media. This is a terrible idea and we see often. It’s bad for PR, it’s bad for SEO, it’s lame on social media. Give your team incentives for sharing on social media. Remember people are looking up your brand online as it is, let them find great reviews about you that your team has made. It’s easy word of mouth marketing.

-Treehouse 51  

PS. Know thyself. Know who you are. What you stand for. Why you exist. It’s a journey people spend a lifetime trying to figure out. When it comes to branding, you can probably achieve this in a few months. Know Your Brand. For more ideas on where to start reach out to us at