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Top 3 Things To Know When Building Your First Website | Treehouse 51

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Top 3 Things To Know When Building Your First Website


The world is changing are you changing with it? Okay, that line is a bit deep no? Let’s dive in. You’re a small business owner looking to take control of your revenue. You’ve latched onto the idea your weakest point is your website. The time has come to revamp it. You’ve done some research online, maybe even chatted with a web developer or two. Now you are moving forward but you’re nervous. You’re not sure if you’re forgetting something. This is where we come in. Today, we will be sharing the top 3 things to know when building your first website.

Top 3 Things To Know When Building Your First Website

1.  Your website needs relevant images for your brand

We’ve mentioned before the power images have on a site. Those tight on funds looking to revamp the style of their site, updating imagery is a quick and easy fix to do so. But how do you go about picking the right images? Do you go for ones with filters? Ones that show off animations? One branded with your logo? Well, it depends. The worst thing you can do is put no thought into the images and just share whatever it is you want to share.

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We recommend looking at your website as a person. How do you want to dress them? What type of music do they like? Are they a night owl? These types of questions although feel silly, help paint a picture of a buyer persona of your brand. With this, you will be able to decide on images that make sense for your brand.

For instance, Treehouse 51 is all about “art” images. Pictures pleasing to look at. Pictures that give the user an experience of some sort. You will never see a stock graph image on our site because it just doesn’t fit with the look or feel of what we are going for.

2. Your first website will not be your last one

This one is always scary to hear, but your first website will not be your last. I’m willing to bet you $100 dollars it won’t be your last. Sites change. Sites evolve. Google has new algorithms coming out every few months where you really should be evolving.

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The next point I want to hammer home is it’s all about the data. Until you launch something and collect some data on it, the events that happen are just emotional decisions. Meaning, no matter how much you plan for that perfect launch it won’t work if you ignore what the data tell you.

Think of data (Via Google Analytics) as a way to measure those moves you made. Without a doubt, some areas will be stronger than others. It’s up to you to leverage this data. Don’t settle.

3. Whatever you do, make sure to SEO Optimize the backend

Okay, so you’re website will be changing — that’s a pill you can swallow. And you need to spend time really getting solid images. Both doable actions. But what’s the deal with SEO? The number one thing we see new sites leave out is SEO Optimization. For whatever reason, it tends to be ignored.

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Go through your web pages and add meta tags, descriptions, create a sitemap. These are basics SEO tactics that Google loves to see. Don’t ignore them.


Don’t let perfection stop you from launching. Launch a site and measure it. Launch a site and let it collect data. Launch a site and do a survey on what people think of it. Leverage that info to improve your website. It is the only way your site will truly grow.

-Treehouse 51

PS. When is the last time you used Google Analytics? We love it. We love it so much we’ve put together a little Data Filter Guide to help you see the data clearly. Enjoy!