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Top 10 Best Call To Actions


Today we’re going to talk about the raddest CTA’s (Call to Actions) your brand should be using. These CTA’s stand out from the herd of millions of others because they have high conversion rates. The big boys like Pepsi, YouTube, Facebook all of them leverage these CTA’s to drive web traffic, leads, and sales into their funnel. There is no reason your business, big or small can’t leverage this too. Ready to dive into some marketing tips the pros are using? Good.

Top 10 Best Call To Actions

For those that aren’t too familiar with CTA’s, it’s basically a tag / string of words that asks prospects to do something. The most effective tags are simple, clear and catchy. For the third part being catchy, it often works best if you can find a way to connect your copy with the tag in a catchy way.

1. Try It Free.

It never fails but if you can throw “free” in almost anything and conversions just go up. Who doesn’t like free right? Even if they don’t need it they still want to check it out. If you haven’t had a chance, check out our article —-> The Value of FREE.

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2.   Download Now

This one is in the same realm as free. Download means I bypass talking with people and get something of value. Something generally FREE. There it is again. It works guys, try it out yourselves.

3.   For A Short Time Only

Generally, the human mind wants things it can’t have. If something is limited or scarce  or just might not be around for too long, it sets a sense of urgency. This ticking clock forces people to pull the trigger asap.

4.   Limited Availability

This one should go with #3. Even if you only have one button around for people to opt-in, it should be infused into your page copy. Again having something limited means it’s worth something in our minds. If it’s worth something I want it or the very least want to learn more about it.

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5.   In A Hurry? Call  949-346-5107

If you haven’t noticed by now a lot of these CTA’s are about appealing to the human side of us. Most people hate having to fill stuff out online. If they could pick up the phone and call someone, they would. Make sure to provide a phone number because people will be dialing it.

6.   Talk To An Expert

If a prospect is on looking at your offer it’s because they want to learn more. Having a chance to speak with an expert is a good deal. It means they will get value and a one on one consultation.

7.   Join Now

Adding “Now” adds a clear direction and purpose for prospects. Sometimes they need that. Sometimes they need to know exactly where to go and what to do. Nothing wrong with telling them.

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8. Start Today

If a lead is on your page they are looking to pull the trigger. In order to get there, they may need a helping hand. Letting them know they can start today or even now, is what’s it’s all about guys.

9.   Get It Now!

We live in a society where people want what they want ASAP. So don’t ignore that. If they want something now, tell them to get it now. Use their own mentality in your favor.

10.   Fast Results  

No one wants to waits six months before seeing results. They want to see something fast. So let them know they will see results fast.

-Treehouse 51

PS. CTA’s are the icing on your cake. Leverage them to close more leads. If you need help designing the best landing pages with optimized CTA’s we’re experts at this form of marketing. Reach out to us. Look around our website to learn more.