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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

The Facebook Bunny

Facebook is coming out with new features every other month it feels like and one of it’s hottest new marketing items are Facebook Lead Ads. After having a few conversations about this new Facebook Marketing Tool and realizing not much info is out there we decided to create the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Ads. We’re giving away this info for FREE. Why for free? Because at the end of this article we’re going to sell you a Million Dollar Home!!! Just kidding.

What The Heck Are Facebook Lead Ads?  

We are living in the era of newsletters and email drips. Facebook Lead Ads shows prospects an ad, then collects their data in ONLY 2 CLICKS. All they have to do is see your product and BAM! If they dig it they can give you their precious data. It’s smart. Simple. Effective. And a damn clever way to build your email list and sell products like mad.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

Follow the steps below to create your first Facebook Lead Ad. We can’t stress enough Facebook has really made capturing data an easy process. Let’s take advantage of this.

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STEP 1: Download Google Chrome  

Click Here To Download Google Chrome

Before moving on you will need to update your gear a bit. In order to build Facebook Lead Ads, you need Chrome to open it. Chrome is free and easy to download.

STEP 2: Open Up Facebook Power Editor  

Click Here To Access FB Power Editor

If you tried skipping step one and go here, you may hit a roadblock. Make sure to download the latest Chrome to access Facebook Power Editor. Otherwise, keep on moving forward.

STEP 3: Select The Facebook Page To Market  

Facebook Lead Forms 1

STEP 4: Select The Profile The Page Is Connected With


STEP 5: Create a Campaign

Facebook Lead Forms 3

STEP 6: Name the Campaign

Facebook Lead Forms - Selecting a Campaign

STEP 7: Select “Lead Generation”

Facebook Lead Form Creation 5

STEP 8: Create Your Ads

This is found on the far left side of your screen.

Facebook Create Ad

STEP 9: Name Your Ad

Make sure to fill in the sections where the arrow is pointed. Name this whatever you like.

Facebook Create an ad

Step 10: Select Your Page

Scroll down and setup you ad the way you want it. Ie. Run date, budget, target location, etc.

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Facebook Select Your Page

Step 11: Scroll to the Far Left of Your Screen and Click on the Red Box

Facebook Lead Form Selection

STEP 12: Your Add Will Appear on the Right. Scroll to the Bottom of the Ad to Select “Lead Form”

Facebook Select Lead Form

STEP 13: It’s Time to Build the Facebook Lead Form.

Lead Form Building

STEP 14: Decide What You Want To Collect

Basic Collection captures Email and Full Name and looks like:

Facebook Lead Basic Collection

The Pro Version Requires just a couple more clicks all you have to do is click “Show More Options” on the image above to see this…

Facebook Lead Form Pro Collection

STEP 15: Add Your Privacy Page

You need a privacy page on your website to link to. Basically, this page says you are tracking people, won’t steal their info, are a good dude, etc. Reference our  Privacy Page  for example or do a basic Google Search for more ideas.    If you’re doing any type of ads on the internet this is good practice and helps with SEO. Enter the URL in the field below.

Facebook Lead Form Privacy Notice

STEP 16: Enter Your Homepage URL

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Facebook URL

STEP 17: New Lead Form Product Features  

If you want to go the extra mile add a little info about your product. We recommend playing with this feature try it with the info and without. If you’re not interested in this step, just click “Not Now.”

Facebook Add Marketing Message

STEP 18: Add Copy To The Form

Lead Form Final Steps

STEP 19: Check For Leads

Now that it’s setup you’re going to want to check for your leads. Jump back to your Facebook Page and select the Publishing Tab. From there follow the steps below.

Check Lead Forms


Congratulations! You have completed the Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Facebook Lead Ads. If you found this helpful please share it with everyone you know. No really, EVERYONE.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Now about that million dollar house… If you want to learn how to optimize your lead ads and streamline your conversions please drop us a line. You can learn about us and our services here:

PPS. Don’t ask about the feature image. Don’t be that guy 🙂