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The Problem Is…Your Brand Is Safe


Today one of the worst things in the world happened… I was doing a Google search looking for some bomb new speakers. I came across a website and I blacked out. Now I don’t mean I actually passed out. I mean I looked at and was bored the eff out of my mind.   It had nothing to do it. It had no voice. It had no personality. It wasn’t fun. It was painful to look at it. It was too damn safe. Playing it safe is part of the top ten problems brands have that they don’t even know they have.

The Problem Is…Your Brand Is Safe

You’re too “PC.”   You care too much about the public viewpoint. You stand for morals don’t exist. Knock it off. You can do better. You don’t want too? What if it doubled your revenue? Yeah, I think it’s worth it too.

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1. Products Aren’t Everything

All things being equal you have a website your competition has a website. You’re doing SEO, so is the guy next do. You’re dropping money on ads, well you’re not alone. You have a lead come to your website and they feel it’s a snooze fest. Is that okay?

Having the best product in the world won’t make someone like you. It won’t. All things being equal a buyer will make a purchase from the person they like. Meaning if you have no brand voice and the guy down the street does and the buyer sees both of you — I guarantee they will pick the other guy every time.

2.   You’re Never Going to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

So many brands out there are catering to the wrong prospects. They create content that speaks to their parents’ generation. Often times these aren’t the people that make sense for their overall marketing plan.

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Think about it, do you expect an 80-year-old dude to be on Facebook making a purchase? Probably not right? So why the heck are you marketing to them on that platform? It doesn’t make sense. There a lot more problems here to dive into. The biggest being playing it safe.

Take risks the Gods reward the brave.

3.   Give People Something To Talk About      

Okay great, you get it. You have to take risks, be bold, blah-blah-blah, so what? What can you do right now to stand out from the crowd. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do and if you do this one simple thing you are going to get more business. You are. No two ways about it.

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Treat your workers like effing kings and queens. Pay them more. Give them incentives. Provide them treats. Take them out. Let them know they are valued. Your team is your biggest asset in bringing in sales. Start from the ground up.

If you need ideas on how to do this check out our guide to being a kick ass leader —> Top Things Respected Bosses Do Everyday.  

-Treehouse 51

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