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The Number One Webpage You Overlooked


Today we’re going to be giving away a few industry secret gems. Take them. Use them. Leverage them. Let us know how effective they are for you. For us, they have earned our clients over half a million in revenue and counting. When it comes to your website do you know the number one web page that is overlooked by over 70% of business? This webpage is prime for helping consumers complete the marketing and sales funnel. Any guesses?

The Number One Webpage You Overlooked


Every website has this page. This is the page that typically pops up when you have a broken link or the URL has changed and not been updated. It is frustrating for consumers to land on and for years was looked down upon by businesses.

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The 404 Page is a Gold Mine.

Remember, every part of your business is an opportunity to increase conversions and lead premium leads through your marketing funnel. The 404 page is not immune to this. It is a gateway to capture new leads.

How to Optimize Your 404 Page

Now we’re talking. Instead of having the dreaded “404 Error — Page Not Found” how does converting that page into a dedicated landing page sound? Something that provides consumers a little bit of info explaining how they got there, how to get out of there and more importantly provides them info like an email and phone number to continue to advance through the sales and marketing process.

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What Does the Data Say?

Jump into Google Analytics and take a look at how your website is performing. You’ll notice there is always traffic on 404 pages. Always. You’re paying for this page. Why not pay to have it optimized for conversions? This is a no brainer right?

We advise clients all the time to leverage this tactic because it works. You can even go so far as to add tracking and remarketing tags within your 404 Page to market to these leads who somehow made it to the land of the lost.

How Powerful is the 404 Page?

With the right tools, you can transform what once was a dump yard into a converting beast. Think about the products you could showcase here. The specials for finding this page. Value to add to consumers to have them make a purchase. This isn’t far fetched and within your grasp.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. How the heck do you set up a 404 Optimized Landing Page? Excellent question. Odds are you have a web developer on staff. Most know coding to make this happen. However if you want to bring out the big guns and really wine and dine consumers with a 404 landing page designed for conversions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll setup you up with data tracking, implement optimized call to actions, we’ll make this dumping yard a converting gold mine for your business.