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The End Of PPC


This weekend Google announced they were taking away the right sidebar where PPC Ads have notoriously lived. What does this mean for businesses and marketers? Supply and demand folks. The supply just got cut in half. Demand for those spots will skyrocket. Keep reading to learn more about the End of PPC as we know it.

What is PPC?

For those who don’t know, PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. These WERE ads you would see all the time on the top and right sidebar of search engine searches. In attempt to be more “mobile friendly,” Google is axing the right sidebar meaning the only spots up for grab are the top portion.

Does PPC Work?

Yes. We’ve seen the right long tail keyword bring in a crazy amount of traffic and leads. You would think people don’t click on these little ads but we’ve done the tests. We’ve spent the money. We used to not believe it either but the data is there. Having the right PPC Campaign setup for you can make you a killing on the web.

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How Will PPC Change?

The way PPC Campaigns work is you target a keyword and pay for clicks on it. A terrible rule of thumb on the web was thinking if you spend more money, you get a better spot in search engines. This may be true, but better spots do NOT equal conversions. A lot goes into building an effective PPC Campaign. For instance, if your copy generic and look like the other 5o ads on the web? If so, how can you expect it to convert?

Who Will Feel the PPC Update The Most?  

Anyone buying ad space on Google will immediately feel a kick to the groin area. Their traffic will be cut down significantly. If they weren’t already setup for mobile devices it will take them some time to get setup and back into this space. All of this will cost users time and money.

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Why is Google Ending This PPC Feature?  

With Google removing it’s right sidebar feature this means for brands and marketers if you are not optimizing your ads for mobile devices you are screwing yourself over. When it comes to Google, think “cool.” Tell yourself Google wants to be cool. Ask yourself is what you’re doing cool.

Mobile marketing is Google. Those who respect and respond to the rules of mobile marketing are considered cool in Google’s eyes. Make your PPC Campaigns cool.

PPC Trick That Google Can’t Touch  

Google is the largest search engine on the internet, but it is not the only one. You can still buy ad space on places like Bing. In fact, with the new windows update, we highly recommend that you do buy this space. So many computer devices as a result of the update reset to use Bing as their search engine.  You can still see those ads on the right sidebar of Bing searches. Nothing wrong with taking advantage of that type of marketing.

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Should You Invest in Google PPC?  

It depends on what state of the game your brand is in and what your goals are. Odds are yes. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But Google is still the dominant search engine. Having an optimized PPC campaign will only help you. The problem is… it looks like it will cost you a few bucks more to get that spot you once owned.

-Treehouse 51  

PS. Creating a PPC Campaign isn’t just about keywords and the money you spend, but the landing page, URL, images, copy, SEO and a lot more. Knowing these tricks of the trade will save you money and help get your ad out there to the right prospects. Feel free to reach out to us and to learn more about PPC Campaigns. Visit: to learn more about PPC Campaigns.