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The Best Social Media Site For Your Brand


Like this, share that, Re-Tweet, Pin it and forget it!   You may not know where exactly your brand should exist on social media but you know one thing for certain, you need to be on social media. Today we’re going to save you a lot of time, money and energy by giving away a little free social media consultation to help you decide where you should be spending   your resources on these platforms. It is our intention that after you read this you will know what the best social media site is / are for your brand. Alright, let’s get to it!

What Is The Best Social Media Site For Your Brand?

1.   Facebook

Over 1.19 billion monthly users worldwide are on Facebook. It is a beast. In terms of SEO, you need it. It doesn’t matter what type of company you are, you should have a Facebook page.

Here’s the downside to Facebook — it’s not exactly a customer acquisition channel. Facebook is a social media giant. It’s best suited to creating a voice for brands.

2. Twitter

Twitter is bringing in over 200 Million Active users with over 49 MILLION being in the United States alone. I’ll be upfront, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Twitter until I realized the SEO impact Twitter has.

Optimizing your Tweets with posts will give your content reach and eyes. Our site along has gotten a crazy amount of traffic from Tweets, Re-Tweets, visitors on Twitter.

However in terms of closing sales we’re not sold yet. There are a lot of spam accounts and bots on Twitter. A LOT GUYS. Leverage this platform is you are producing content regularly to increase brand awareness.

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3.   Google +

Over 300 Million Monthly users who are…no really who are they?   I’m going to be 100% real with you Google + isn’t doing great. They rolled out this platform a few years ago thinking it could knock out Facebook and they got kicked in the face with a reality check.

After continued failures the amount of power Google + carried faded away.   Anyone out there remember Google Authors having authority online? Exactly.

I wouldn’t waste too much time on this platform BUT you should still have an account and post on there every now and then. Why? Google is the largest search engine in the world — you bet your ass being on their platform impacts your SEO Rankings.

4. Pinterest  

Over 20 Million Monthly Active Users.

If you deal with fashion, food, design, wedding planner, decorating, travel and anything DIY you should be on here.

The audience breakdown somewhat skews to a 4 to 1 ratio of it being female based. Keep this in mind though,  Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Twitter, and LinkedIn combined. This is huge for link building. Clients with visuals as a main feature or selling point should be on here.

5. Tumblr  

This platform has over 140 Million blogs and over 65 BILLION blog posts. Holy crap that is a lot of content.

The audience on here is a bit young 18-34 and females out play the guys on here too.

If you want to kick butt here you need to create content based on text, photos, quotes, links, dialogue, audio clips, videos, and GIFs.

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6.   Instagram  

Over 150 Million Monthly users and growing. Instagram is packing punches left and right and should be on your list of social sites to take advantage of.

A couple things to know, they were bought up by Facebook. In terms of marketing, they play well together. Engagement on this platform is HUGE. And not too difficult to achieve. And most importantly this platform is VISUAL.

Brands that deal with lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities and luxury has the most success.

That’s not to say with the right marketing plan your brand couldn’t rock here. It could.

7.   LinkedIn

In 2013, there were over 238 Million users worldwide. No doubt this number has increased. It has the fastest  growing demographic for  students and recent college graduates.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for generating B2B leads, with nearly three times the conversion rate of Facebook or Twitter.   Businesses (especially B2B service providers), Recruiters and Job-Seekers should take a look into this.

However, we do not recommend buying ads right off the bat. Spend some time in groups, networking, emailing before buying Ads. Sorry LinkedIn but your ad service SUCKS. It feels clunky, dated and at times very limited.

8.   Yelp and / or Foursquare  

You should be on either of these platforms if you are  B2C companies, brick-and-mortar outlets (especially stores, restaurants, and travel/tourism related).

These services are LOCATION based for searcher and reviewers. Profiles with product images, clear menu of services, and basic info provided perform better than those without content.

9.   YouTube  

Over one billion unique visits each month and counting.

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With cellphones, nowadays anyone can make a video and unfortunately, everyone does. There is a lot of crappy content out there. We recommend if you can make your content decent then yeah take advantage of YouTube. Share guides, tips, stories about your brand.

Show off your expertise, share knowledge, market your products and connect with customers, colleagues and prospects.

10. SnapChat and / Or Vine

If you only had to pick one of these channels go with Vine. When Vine launched in 2013 it had an estimated of 40 Million downloads, which is nearly 25% of the smartphone population in the US. Pretty sweet right?

These two are newbies. Young audiences love these platforms. In terms of SEO we’re not seeing too much from them yet.

With that said, if you are targeting younger audiences (think prospects around their 20’s) then you need to be on this. Also, if you were scared to post a video on YouTube because of the lack of decent quality you’ll get away with that here.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Social Media is a great tool to reach new prospects but remember it needs to be used in combination with other tools. Things like SEO, PPC Campaigns, Email Marketing, the list is pretty big. Don’t wait to get on these platforms. Your competition is NOT waiting. If you want to learn how to really take your marketing game to the next level on these sites poke around our website and see the types of solutions we offer you.