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The Best Landing Page Strategies


You have a great product. You have a strong business model. But sales just are thriving the way you know they could. One effective solution you can implement today is building dedicated landing pages to specific products. Using these tricks and tips below you can build a converting page the will boost your revenue.

Landing Page Tips To Implement Today

1. Have One Message Per Landing Page

Landing pages are a trap for consumers. You need bait. You need triggers. You need to optimize every corner to capture them. When building a landing page outline what it is you plan on selling. Don’t force a billion products into one page. Keep it simple and easy to follow. Have a landing page dedicated to one message buyers will remember and convert on.

2. Optimize The Backend of Your Landing Page

If you’re not using remarketing you’re wasting your ad money. With a little bit of coding you can add tags to your landing pages that track website visitors. Having this done will gently reminder prospects who visited your landing page to come back and complete the sales and marketing funnel.

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3. Add Your Location

This tip is a must for local businesses.

There are countless studies out there that show when it comes to local searches a consumer will buy from brands that are near or in their desired area. Having an image of a map pointing to your location, a local phone number, and most importantly the address featuring the city will improve your landing page conversion rates.

4.   Question Your Main Navigation

Our Agency has done tests for different brands and landing pages where we used a navigation menu and where we didn’t.

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A smooth marketer will tell you to ditch the navigation menu. You want prospects to land on your page and essentially be trapped there. The idea is if they have nowhere to go they’ll unconsciously make the purchase.

However, you don’t want to be smooth. You want to drive revenue. What we have tested and found to be extremely effective is adding a navigation bar that leads to other parts of the landing page. This trick gives the illusion of movement and has has resulted in a boost of conversions across the board in our marketing efforts.

Without knowing your business, we recommend testing both methods and seeing what converts best.

5. Your Ads Should Match Your Landing Page

If you want higher conversion rates when setting up PPC campaigns or even doing marketing on Facebook then you better make sure the lingo in those ads matches the copy on your landing pages. It matters.

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Every marketing platform has algorithms that dive into your landing page, they do a comparison of your landing page and ad. From there they assign your campaign a conversion percentage. If you want this to be high and cost effective having the language match is KEY.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   Bonus Tip: Provide social proof on your landing page. It reduces anxiety when you have endorsements, testimonials, and referrals to show off. Leverage this when building your landing page. Don’t stop there. These are just a few quick strategies you can implement today — reach out to us at to learn some new cutting edge tactics like video implementing, email marketing, popup forms all infused in your optimized landing page.