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The #1 Flaw In Your Sales Process (And How To Fix It) | Treehouse 51

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The #1 Flaw In Your Sales Process (And How To Fix It)


How do you increase revenue? How do you bump up your website traffic? How do you improve your sales funnel? We hear these questions all the time and today we’re sharing digital gold. Today we’re sharing the #1 flaw in your sales process (and how to fix it) — get your notepad and pen ready.

The #1 Flaw In Your Sales Process (And How To Fix It)

1. Your Sales Process Isn’t Complete

Right off the bat, we are giving away the main weakness of your sales process. It isn’t complete. I know, I know you spent months working on the promo, created social posts, got the team ready to launch — you forgot a few steps. Steps that you won’t actually take for MONTHS. Needless to say, it makes sense a few steps here and there were never taken.

2. The 3 Sales Steps You Forgot To Take

A) You Left Out Your Email Marketing Campaign

No matter what stage of the marketing funnel you are in, you should always have an email marketing campaign ready to launch. It’s a proven way to stay on the mind of your buyers. It doesn’t take that much prep. And it’s easy to set it on month 1 to launch in month 6 — which means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take that next step because it’s already automated for you.

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B) You Are Missing Your CPA & Analytic Data To Compare Stats

You need to be able to measure the work you do. Without measurements, in place, you can’t really tell if you’ve grown or not. More importantly, you can’t gauge what your true cost per acquisition (CPA) is. Assuming your marketing has gotten tighter, your CPA should reflect a change. Ideally, this number goes down. Well, what if doesn’t go down? What if the number rises? In these cases, you need to break down past analytic data and current data to see where the leak is.

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C) You Didn’t Test. Re-test. Or Test Again.

Marketing isn’t just about ideas. It isn’t just about sales. The best marketing is about testing, re-testing and testing again. When you launch your marketing campaign you need to take a close look at it and see what areas can be improved, dropped and amplified. If you’re going to fail at any stage of this, it’s best to fail fast. Having test points ready help you get those answers you need. It also helps point you in the right direction.

3. Your Sales Funnel Has Dried Up & You Don’t Realize It

What worked 10 years ago doesn’t work today. Search engines like Google have changed the rules on SEO. The marketplace is more competitive. You really need to look at how often you change up your marketing. If it hasn’t been upgraded in the last 3-6 months there is a problem. And when we say upgraded we don’t mean change it completely, we mean tweak it. You should have data in place in place to make small tweaks that lead to big moves.

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If you take one thing away from this article it’s that you need to know the worth of your data. Without knowing the value of your data you won’t grow. You won’t have a reason too. Knowing your data will open doors for you. Knowing your data will show you areas to improve and areas to drop. How well do you know your data? Need help looking at your marketing funnel? Reach out to us, we’re on standby.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Not sure where to start with your marketing? Give your site an SEO Audit — use this guide for starters and reach out to us if you need any help.