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Stop Caring About Spelling


We’re going to piss off a lot of Grammar Nazi’s today but I’m here to tell you to forget them because what I’m about to share with you will increase eyes on your website. It has to do with spelling. Remember back in third grade how much your teacher pushed you to spell every word correctly? Well, today I’m here to tell you why spelling doesn’t mean jack in the world of SEO. This is a gray hat SEO trick that if you do it right will boost your website traffic. You ready to get schooled?

3 Reasons You Should Stop Caring About Spelling

1. Customers Misspell

If you were to create a PPC Campaign via Google Adwords (these are the ads you see whenever you do a Google search) Adwords will recommend keywords for you. Some of the keywords they recommend are words that are misspelled.

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Let’s rewind…Google is saying buy keywords that are spelled wrong to capture traffic. Isn’t that interesting? That means enough people have misspelled keywords within a month that now Google is making money off of it.

Which means if you’re clever you can strategically misspell keywords here and there and capture some of that traffic for free.

2. Give Your Brand A Voice

Customers expect you to be interesting. To be different. To be your own brand. So be it. Stop trying to be perfect because in most cases being perfect is boring. Be human. Make mistakes. Embrace them. Make a game out of them. Point them out. It’s our differences that make people want to connect with us.

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That doesn’t mean dish out a crappy piece of content. That means to create content, but don’t stress over every word and sentence being perfect. Just create content to spread value. That’s it.

3.   Have Fun  

You need to engage with prospects. Our agency has gone so far as to tell certain clients to misspell words here and there in an attempt to have prospects point it out. When they do, we bounce on the opportunity to open a channel of dialogue.

This does a couple things for our clients, one it shows we’re not robots. We can be reached and are happy to talk. Two, it shows we are not perfect just like our customers. It establishes a connection. Three, it gives us a chance to make a connection with them and get them in our marketing funnel.

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We’ve seen a lot of success using this tactic. Taking the time and poking fun at these mistakes is a solid way to bridge a connection.

-Treehouse 51

PS. At the end of the day, it’s now what you say, it’s how you say it. Don’t let the little things hold you brand up. Instead, use this article to inspire you to capture leads in new different ways. I’m telling you firsthand we’ve seen success doing this and so can you. It all starts with having a plan of attack in place. Look around our website www.Treehouse51.com to learn more marketing tips, tricks and hacks your brand can leverage today.