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Squeeze More Value Out Of Your Landing Page


The point of a landing page is to funnel prospects into your marketing and sales funnel. Ideally, this landing page is optimized for the best possible results you can have. In most cases, there is room for improvement. Nothing wrong with that folks. The best part about marketing is the ability to tweak, modify and convert.   Landings pages are one part of your marketing funnel you should consistently be monitoring and trying to improve. Today we’re going to talk about how you can squeeze more value out of your landing pages.

3 Ways To Squeeze More Value Out Of Your Landing Page

1. Use What’s Already Working  

Landing pages are the way to go for focused messages, but what about the content you already have?   If you jump on Google Analytics you can find out which pages on your website are the highest converting ones. You’re specifically looking for pages that have the most visits. This is an opportunity to turn that page into a landing page. It’s already bringing in traffic, optimize it for conversions.

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A great example of this in practice, years ago I looked at data for an insurance company. They were trying to drive prospects to test out a new product. They weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel. They wanted something that would bring them beta testers. My recommendations, which is far as I know is still active today, implement an add on the login page of their website. This login page was the number one page all visitors went through to get access to the site. The traffic was there, my job was just to direct it to the offer.

2.   Take Advantage of Low Hanging Fruit  

Every step is a chance to sell. One of the biggest areas brands don’t take advantage of is their sidebar.   Let’s say you have a landing page with pushing one offer, BUT you also have three more offers you really want to push. Connect them via your sidebar. Have ads placed on the side to increase awareness and lead prospects to your products.

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3.   Promote The Landing Page On Your Homepage  

Most brands will leverage PPC Campaigns to direct traffic to landing pages. That’s great. But you should also leverage your homepage. It’s all about increasing awareness. In most situations your homepage is a heavily visited web page. Swap out the main banner with a push to the landing page. Measure your results, it may surprise you.

BONUS TIP: Link to The Landing Page With Different Anchor Text

Are you blogging? You should be. Users will check out your blogs. When they do make sure to have a link or two pointing them to your landing page. Now if you really want to take this trick to the next level leverage different anchor text.

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For those that don’t know anchor text is just a string of words that you hyperlink to your desired webpage. Leveraging different anchor texts helps you capture more longtail keywords and thus helps you rank in the long term. Pretty sweet right?

-Treehouse 51

PS. Need help setting up your landing page or simply taking it to the next level?   Reach out to us we will optimize the BLEEP out of your marketing and sales funnel. This is what we do 24/7. Don’t be afraid to reach out.