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Simple Tips From Steve Jobs


Like you, we want to grow. We want to provide the best product and services, continue to learn and always push ourselves to be better. The road isn’t always clear. In one way or another, you need a mentor(s) to help guide you to growth. When it comes to marketing there is no difference. Today we’re going to share simple tips from Steve Jobs that apply to our marketing and yours. Enjoy!

Simple Tips From Steve Jobs

1. Tip #1: Pick Up The Phone

“Most people never pick up the phone and call; most people never ask. And that’s what separates sometimes the people that do things from the people that just dream about them.” – Steve Jobs

The world we live in is about Tweets and Facebook shares. It’s about digesting six months of data within a filter…within a moment. Everyone brand out there is on the hunt to own their digital marketing space. Whether it be PPC, Social Media, SEO. In the mix of it all, we have forgotten to pick up the phone and call. That’s right, when is the last time you just picked up the phone and thanked a customer for being a customer? When is the last time you joined your sales team and cold called a company?

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When is the last time you just picked up the phone and thanked a customer for being a customer? When is the last time you joined your sales team and cold called a company?  These are marketing channels that we have forgotten. Probably because it’s so frustrating to get an unwelcome call. But then again, before Facebook…all there was, was the phone. Think on this. Challenged yourself to look at your phone call marketing strategy.

2. Tip #2: Your Marketing Won’t Go Far If It Doesn’t Fail

“If you’re afraid of failing, you won’t get very far.” – Steve Jobs

Not every piece of marketing will work. That’s reality. And even the parts that do work, have flaws in them. The point of marketing is to launch, test and re-test. This never ends. Things never go on autopilot.

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What I’ve noticed with some brands is a fear of failure. People are searching for a sure thing. A move that will work and take their company to the next level. However, the only thing that is for sure is if you do nothing, nothing will change. Don’t let fear hold you back. Understand marketing is about evolving.

3. Tip #3: Upgrade Your Products And Services

“Innovate or Die.” – Steve Jobs

The third Steve Jobs marketing tip and my personal favorite has to do with growth. Let’s look at music as an example. People don’t buy albums from bands that create the same album year after year. Yes, they enjoy the bands sound which is unique to them, but in terms of songs, they’re looking for a bit of a change.

Look at your own brand. Is there anything in it that can be upgraded? Is there anything that can be done better. The answer should be yes, it should always be yes. No matter what stage your company is at, there is always room to grow and be better.

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Try a group study. Pick a part of your website, marketing, product, whatever you see room for improvement and share it with a group. Let them evaluate it and take their feedback honestly. Sometimes what holds us back from change is ourselves. We don’t see our own flaws. We don’t know there are opportunities waiting for us. Go outside the box.

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PS. Steve Jobs prided himself on making customers evangelists. He was always on the hunt to provide the best user experience. Are you on the same mission? Do you want to be? If there’s a piece of your marketing you’re looking to upgrade reach out to us. That’s what we’re here for — check out some of our samples — do you a chance to innovate here? Reach out.