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Simple 5 Step Sales Process


A lot of times when we meet with prospects they ask, “How are we going to make sales?” They have that look in their eyes that suggests they’ve tried everything, how will we be any different. Is it because we know the latest SEO tricks? Is it because our team is super creative and doing things other agencies follow? Is it a combination of luck and data? I’m here to share with you a simple 5 step sales process we’ve used for clients that work. This is actionable. This is something you can implement today for your business and see results TODAY. You ready to drive some conversions? Great, let’s do it!

Simple 5 Step Sales Process

1.   Create A Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets is a relatively new marketing tactic that all the big boys are using. It’s pretty straightforward. Ask yourself why in the heck would anyone go to your website? Of course, you want them to convert. But what do they get out of it if they are NOT ready to buy?

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A Lead Magnet is an Ebook, infographic, cheat sheet, any downloadable item that you place on your website behind a gatekeeper button. Some type of button that asks for a persons email, or a social like before they are able to download.

2.   Setup Micro Offers

After a person downloads the lead magnet present them small offers. Easy things with very little to no commitment. You want your customer saying yes and saying yes often for when you drop the big question. You can create follow-up lead magnets. Continue to share value and keep them in your sales funnel.

3.   Push Your Core Offer

Okay great, you have them hooked. You created a relationship with them by offering them continued value. Now it’s time to close. Push your core offer. By this time, prospects know you and trust you so them saying yes to   larger offer isn’t a big deal. It makes sense for them.

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4. Upsell

You need to increase your ROI. After you get them buying into your core offer, don’t be afraid to upsell. In fact, this should be on your mind from the moment you start. After you’ve had the client for a good six months up sell them on smaller offers.

Keep in mind at this time, they know you. Appreciate you. Want to buy from you. Getting them to say yes, won’t be a struggle but make sense for them.

5. Leverage Automate

Every chance you get you want to automate. You want to look at what you’re doing and see what can be put on autopilot. For instance, the micro offers — can that be launched in an email campaign? If so, you can easily set that up as an automation with simple triggers to boost your conversions.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. Go out there and use this simple 5 sales process. It works guys. It’s what huge companies are using today to close sales. It’s what small brands use to increase their revenue. It is completely doable for any type of business. If you need help setting up this process we are here for you. Reach out to us. Look around our website for more actionable marketing tips to increase your business revenue.