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Should You Hire A Freelancer? | Treehouse 51

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Should You Hire A Freelancer?


A project will come up that may beyond your teams’ ability. When it does, where do you go? You can shop around for that new team member, but the new trend we’ve been seeing with brands is outsourcing and hiring freelancers. Today we thought we’d talk about the pros and cons of this tactic to help you decide which path is best for your brand.

Should You Hire A Freelancer?

1. Freelancers Work On Different Time Schedules

One of the biggest perks when it comes to being a freelancer is working on your time. The 9 to 5 lifestyle doesn’t apply to freelancers. In most cases, they land a contract are given milestones and deadlines and work toward that. As long as they meet the marks and provide quality work everything is good.

The pro to freelancers working on their own time is you can have an extension of your team working at 1 am when the rest of your company is closed. Basically, you are using as much time as possible to advance. If you have a tight deadline this could be ideal.

The con to freelancers working on their own time is not always having reliable schedules. The 9 to 5 worker will be there at set hours. Should the freelancer decide to take the day off they can. You have to be prepared for that. Communication won’t be 24/7.

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2. Freelancers Offer Cheaper Prices Than Your 9 to 5 Worker

Let’s face it — the biggest pro to outsourcing overseas is cheap labor. When times are tough and you only have a few bucks to spend this is where you want to be. Hiring a fulltime marketing guy comes with insurance, overhead, salary, and more. A freelancer (and I’m talking overseas here) you don’t have to deal with any of that.

The pro to a cheap freelancer is saving money for your company, project, and team. Get a good deal and you can put that revenue back into the company. And who doesn’t like saving money right?

The con to a cheap freelancer is sometimes you get what you pay for. Don’t expect the $7 an hour from the middle of nowhere to understand your brand the way someone across the street would. It’s just not realistic. And say you hire a freelancer who is across the street from your brand — great! Be prepared for a high hourly rate. This is normal to cover the freelancers’ costs. Remember you get what you pay for.

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3. Freelancers Are Experts In Every Job

This statement is scary but I see it almost across the board with brands using freelancers. For some reason, the outsider they bring is an automatic expert in that job role. Sure they may not know a few words here and there that are standard to the industry but overall they are experts.

The pro to freelancers is you will find experts here and there. Remember to qualify them ie ask questions, see samples, talk about strengths and weaknesses. Top freelancers will be able to show you these items with no problem. They’ll be able to provide references and not work hard to establish trust.

The cons to expert freelancers is they may be working solo. Having worked as a freelancer myself and our agency doing marketing for a major US-based freelancing company we know with firsthand experience you need friends as a freelancer. Not every job you do, you will be an expert in. You will need a team or someone you can reach out to for help. The freelancer who works solo only has himself to rely on, the freelancer who has a team is dangerously good.

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I’ve worked and met countless freelancers across the world. I mentioned our agency did marketing for a major freelance company and that gave us insights into the world we probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. One thing I can stress upon is treat freelancers like an extension of your team. You don’t want a hired gun, you want a secret weapon you can call on when times get tough.

-Treehouse 51

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