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SEO Made Super Simple {3 Fast Tips}


Imagine getting endless amounts of traffic without having to pay for it. That is the allure of SEO. Free traffic. And not just any kind of traffic, but website traffic relevant to your brand. Which can only mean one thing for a business owner…more business. So why the hell is SEO so complicated? Why does it feel like a myth? Like a neverending marathon? Today I’m here to share the 3 truths behind SEO. Use these tips and you’ll be ranking in no time.

SEO Made Super Simple {3 Fast Tips}

1. SEO Definition & Strategy

SEO can be broken down into two parts. Onsite SEO and offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO: This is when you optimize your pages with keywords, meta tags with rich descriptions, images, even site speed. It’s all about using the best practices that make your website run fast and function IF elements on your site (like images) didn’t work. Basically, you’re creating a written blueprint for search engines like Google to read and index your website.

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Offsite SEO: This is about link building. Creating content that you share across social channels, guest blogging, being on Podcasts — it’s all about increasing your brand awareness.

SEO does NOT work unless you do both parts.

2. When Type Of SEO Goals Should You Have?

First, you have to define results. In most cases, you’ll want to capture new business. When it comes to SEO that shouldn’t be your only goal.

Other goals to focus on are:

A) Increasing organic rankings
B) Lowering page bounce rates
C) Increasing website speed

Hit those goals and you will naturally increase website traffic, which will lead to increase in revenue. But how do you get there? Well, I pointed out those 3 points because any decent SEO guy worth his salt should be able to address those benchmarks in measurable ways. But to be safe…

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A) How To Increase Organic Rankings

Create content — regularly. Think of content creation like going to the gym, results take time and when you stop results go away.

B) How To Lower Page Bounce Rates

Simplify the layout of your content. Often times bounce rates are a result of a user not finding what they want FAST. Go through every page of your website with a stop clock and give it 1 minute and 30 seconds. In that time see if you can get all the info you need from it. If not, then the page is too complex and needs to be simplified.

C) How To Increase Website Speed

Get rid of unused plugins, cheap servers, and pages that don’t perform. You should do this every 4-6 months. Tools break all the time and they suck up resources. Don’t let your site be a victim — always make sure to clean house.

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3. When Can You Expect To See SEO Results?

For some brands, they hit the lotto early. They create a viral piece of content like an infographic that just explodes on the web and causes brand after brand to share it and pass a backlink to them. For others, it takes a good year before seeing results. A good year is a realistic benchmark. Optimizing for SEO and executing SEO strategies takes time and refining.


I’ve seen so many brands start SEO only to give it up in month 2. The reason why is not setting correct expectations. If you want growth you need to keep everything in perspective. To help you with your SEO adventures we’ve put together the Ultimate SEO Ranking List with over 200 Ranking Factors. Enjoy.

-Treehouse 51 

PS. Sometimes we feel giving…today is one of those times. Here’s another guide on link building. Go kick some SEO ass!