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Questions To Ask When Designing Your Logo


Do you know what the Nike Logo represented when it first came out? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It wasn’t established. It wasn’t well known. It was just a checkmark. In fact, it wasn’t until years later the designer of that logo actually received some stock in Nike for creating it. True story. And now here you are, either with a logo or thinking of designing a logo. There are a couple questions to ask when designing your logo to make sure you get the best possible result. Keep reading to find out what…

What Does Your Logo Mean?

What we remind our clients you want a business that will stand the test of time. You are creating a legacy. When it comes to logo designs think of it that way. At first, logos mean nothing. But in time, after they have proven themselves you get logos like FedEx, YouTube, and yes Nike.

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Where Do You Start With A Logo Design?

There are four types of logos businesses uses. Review the list and pick away.

1. Wordmarks

Think… eBay, CNN, Google. These are often times abbreviated letters with a logotype.

2.   Pictorial

Think… Starbucks, Playboy, Twitter. These are recognizable symbols.

3.   Letterform

Think…Honda, Uber, McDonald’s. These are single letters.

4.   Abstract

Think…Nike. These are exactly how they sound — abstract symbols.

What Logo Is Best For My Company?

There is no set of rules on this. However if you want to stand out from the crowd, take the time to really think about colors and typography.

Have Some Colors In Mind

Colors have an incredible impact on a buyer’s perception of your brand. You can easily Google psychological studies on colors to see what colors mean.

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In this case, ask yourself what your brand stands for? Is it active, intense, full of energy? Maybe red is right for you. Or perhaps you want to evoke confidence and calmness then blue could be the way to go. Know your colors.

What About Typography?

We live in an era where Times New Roman font is BORING. Shame on those who pay for a logo then settle with a basic font. Your font should represent your brand. There are a million different font styles out there. Look around.

Should You Hire A Designer?


Look some things are worth spending money on. We would love it if you hired us, but if not we still recommend finding a designer. It’s worth it. You’ll need your logo in different files sizes and types. You’ll need the working the file. You’ll need to have a bit of an artist and creative marketing background to design logos. Hire an expert to do this for you.

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How Much Will A Logo Cost?

It depends on who you find and where you go. Some services will do for a few grand, other freelancers will ask for a few hundred bucks. There is no set price on this, so have a budget a mind.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   Leverage your logo across all your branding. This is an easy way to increase brand recognition and get the word out there about your company. If you’re looking for creative solutions for a killer logo hit us up, poke around website at www.Treehouse51.com