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Website Fundamental Bundle


Data is key to making profitable business moves. But what happens when your Google Analytics account isn’t setup correctly? Or worse, is set up but you don’t have a clue what the data means? It’s frustrating and prevents your site from growing in ways it can.

This bundle features the below 4 areas to ensure your analytics are correctly installed, search engines like Google index your site, a monthly report featuring data that makes sense and a simple to understand SEO Report with actionable items to improve your site performance.

  1. Google Analytics Setup
  2. Google Webmaster Tool Setup
  3. Monthly Google Analytics Report
  4. 1 Time SEO Audit / Game Plan

Note: This plan features recurring monthly payment – if the payment fails to go through and/or the account is canceled services will be placed on hold until the outstanding invoice is paid. Please contact support at for further assistance.

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