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  • BUILDER PACKAGEShort Term & / Or Flat Rate Tasks.

  • $120hour Flat Rate Pricing Available Upon Request.

  • Hourly
    Project Support
  • Setup
    PPC Management
  • Diverse
    Graphic Designs
  • EXPANSION PACKAGEActive Monthly Digital Marketing.

  • $3k-6kmonth Recommended Marketing Budget + Ad Spend.

  • Ongoing
    Project Support
  • Monthly
    PPC Management
  • Amplified
    Graphic Designs
  • Optimize
    Website Design
  • INNOVATOR PACKAGECustom Strategies + Execution.

  • $6k-9kmonth Recommended Marketing Budget + Ad Spend.

  • Team
    Project Support
  • Monthly
    PPC Management
  • Ultimate
    Graphic Designs
  • ROI
    Website Design
  • Professional
    Video Promo



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    How Does Our Pricing Work?

    We create, build and launch custom marketing plans and solutions for our clients. Not every service or plan is the same value for each client. We found it didn’t make sense to charge every client the same rate per service. Our pricing is based on your brand’s needs plus your marketing budget.

    Basic Two Part Pricing Structure

    The first is marketing costs.

    You cover marketing expenses. This is typically ad spend or a website tool. This value is determined by your brand budget and the initial recommendations we make in our plans.

    There are no hidden fees. It’s pretty straightforward. Once you agree to the marketing budget it never changes unless you want it too. Just so you know, our goal is to actually go under budget.

    The second cost is for our Ad Agency.

    This is a flat monthly fee, determined by the services you need. Our client contracts begin at six-month periods and go up as high as two-year contracts.

    What If You Want A Consultation?

    We offer a 3-hour consultation for $349.00

    This is typically broken up into a lunch, phone meeting, Skype, and / or office meetings. We spread this out over about a week.

    During the consultation, we identify goals, objectives, and determine if we’re both a good fit for each other. If in the end, we both agree to work with each other great. If you sign one of our long-term contracts we waive the initial consultation fee.

    What If You Want One Or Just A Few Specific Services?

    Those rates are determined by your needs. Make sure to review our basic pricing structure above, if you skipped.

    In this instance, an example would be designing just a logo.   The rate won’t be monthly but for the duration of the project.