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PPC For Noobs

The PPC Apple

To PPC or not to PPC that is the question. Our agency has met with countless clients asking about the mythical PPC monster lurking on the web. Common questions we hear, “Does PPC actually work? What does it do? What is PPC?” Does one eat from the PPC tree or is that apple deadly to your wallet? Today I’m going to answer all these questions and more. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to use what you learn how to create PPC Campaigns that convert visitors into customers and save your company a butt load of money. Whether you are an expert at PPC or a PPC Noob we got something for ya here. Enjoy.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. You see these ads every time you do a web search. These are found on the right panel or searches, the top items, and banners. The way it works clients’ pay when prospects click. Make sense? Good.

Does PPC Work?

This is the million dollar question and the very simple quick answer is YES. Now the long explanation for you to leverage with  your brand…

PPC Has Evolved…

You need to utilize a trifecta to see results. If you’re only doing PPC on Google you’re missing out on a ton of action on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. And if you’re only doing PPC on search engines, what about social media? Facebook is quickly giving Google a run for its money in an attempt to establish itself as the new go-to spot for marketers including PPC campaigns.

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3 Tips To Setting Up A PPC Campaign

  1. Higher Bids DOESN’T Mean A Better Position

Stop wasting your money. The truth is ads in higher positions convert at just about the same rate as ads in lower spots. Location in this situation is NOT everything. Bid a couple cents above the minimum amount allowed and test this for yourself.

  1. For The Love Of God Be Different

The trick to higher conversions is standing out from the crowd. When you have a moment, do a Google search on “Local Lawyers,” how many of those PPC campaigns have the same verbiage? Odds are 90% of them.

PPC Campaigns that touch on an emotional cord and stand out from the crowd have the highest conversion rates. Why is that? It’s psychology. Think of it this way, if you’ve highlighted every word in a book you’ve highlighted nothing. In this case, if all ads are the same for “Local Lawyers” then none are significant.

The secret to being different is touching on your buyer personas pain points. What do they need? Why are they searching for this? How can you impact their life and given them emotional gratification fast and easy? Really think this through the next time you’re setting up a campaign.

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Which ad would you click on:

  • Ad One: Your #1 Divorce Lawyer
  • Ad Two: Who Is Your Spouse With?
  1. Setup Remarketing Campaigns

You spent all this money getting traffic to your website and for whatever reason the prospect left. It’s not over. It wasn’t over then. It’s not over now. Setting up a remarketing campaign is cost effective, easy, and has higher conversion rates than regular PPC campaigns.

Here’s how it works — a prospect visits your web page. They didn’t complete the sales funnel. They leave. BUT — there is a tag placed on them so when they’re doing web searches or on social media, they will be gently reminded about your product. This reminder serves as a way to boost conversions.

Bonus PPC Tips That Get Results!

  1. Make Your Keywords Count

Everything you do needs to start with the buyer persona. If you haven’t mapped that out, drop  us a line. Basically, what this is a template of your buyer. All of your marketing should speak to them.

Often times the clients we meet have campaigns running, but didn’t take into consideration keywords their buyers would be searching for. Instead, they are leveraging keywords their industry is searching for. The problem here is most buyers are not industry leaders or speak your industry lingo.

  1. Location. Location. Location.

The only location that matters when starting out is LOCAL. Our agency tells this to every client we meet whether we sign them or not. Focus on LOCAL first.

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You’ll save money, establish roots, increase your SEO Ranking, have marketing data to expand globally and YOU WILL DRIVE REVENUE. Every campaign you set up should focus on target locations.

  1. What is good PPC Budget?  

The budget really depends on your niche, but to give you an idea on costs the smallest amount where you will pick up leads is over $1,200 a month. Ideally, you run a PPC Campaign for at least 3 months to lower costs and capture more business. This budget isn’t referencing social media. Don’t let the costs scare you, how much would it cost you, if you did nothing? That’s a scary thought.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Don’t be fooled by online blogs that say PPC doesn’t work and to focus solely on social media. PPC works. And social media aka Facebook is the new PPC. But the trick is you need to do a trifecta marketing campaign to see results you can brag about. Keep in mind that not every client need is the same. Before you spend one more penny trying to sort this out feel free to drop us a line. Learn more about us at