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Powerful Bug Tracking Software Announcement

We’re always striving to grow, learn and top ourselves. For past ten months or so, we’ve been working on The Bug Squasher – a new tool that streamlines communication between website owners and team members. We’ve gotten a lot of buzz and excitement about this new tool – it’s been featured in Forbes, Podcasts, and even a national radio show.

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The Bug Squasher – is a powerful bug tracking software that gives teams the ability to quickly diagnose site issues with just a click. That’s just to start – on the backend you can assign these bugs to your team and even share reports with your clients.

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The above video is a “funny / lightmarketing”  piece we created that has gotten over 20,000 views on YouTube. On The Bug Squasher YouTube channel you’ll find move videos, guides and goodies about The Bug Squasher. You can also click here to visit that channel. 

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Do check out the platform and please connect with us if you have any questions!