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Orange County Gray Hat SEO


Good evening people of Orange County, California! Today we have a special request from a fellow reader and fan of Treehouse 51. They asked us, “Can you tell me about Grey Hat SEO Tactics?” Not only are we going to share Grey Hat SEO tactics you can leverage TODAY, we’re going to let you in some pro marketing tips you are probably NOT  aware of.

5 Gray Hat Seo Tactics You Can Use Today  

1. Domain Squatting  

Link building is up there in one of the best things you can do to try traffic and increase your website value. But it’s really tedious. One thing you can find success in is buying old expired domains that relevant to your niche. You’re going to need around 40 of these links to see any improvement on your site. The idea, you purchase these URL’s then have them point links back to your website. Because these websites have been around for awhile and relevant to your niche they pack a LOT OF LINK JUICE. All of this is good for your brand. The only downside…the cost. Buying Domain Names adds up.

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2. Buy Reviews  

I know, I know, where are all the free tips. Don’t worry we’ll get there. But first, buying reviews is a great way to build credibility and increase brand awareness. There are millions of bloggers out there who will write a review about your product / brand / service as long as they have an incentive. The idea here is the write a review, you get some positive words about you and a free link. It’s not bad for SEO. Not bad at all.

3.   Free Adwords Credits  

Okay, you want traffic. You need traffic. And you don’t want to spend money on it. No worries. I got you covered. There are a lot of magazines out there that give away FREE ADWORDS CREDIT. What can one do with that? Well you sign up for these magazines, collect on the $50 or so then launch a PPC Campaign and BOOM! You get some free traffic. Not a bad deal. You just need to find the magazine. Try doing a google search around “PPC Pro Magazine.”

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4.   Link To Your Site…Shamelessly

Link building is huge no matter what size your brand is. You need links. Make it a habit no matter what you do on the internet to leave yourself a link. If you’re watching a YouTube video leave a comment with a link, if you’re reading a blog, leave a comment with a link, if you leave a post on Facebook write something up with a link. Link like crazy. It adds up after time.

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5.   Leverage Your Pets

Okay, this one is a fun one. Create a social media account based around your pet. Start taking pictures of it and posting like crazy. Instagram works best for this. Do this for a bit till your fanbase explodes (reaches a around 1,000) then post an offer pushing your product. Nothing wrong with this doing this guys. It works.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Grey Hat Seo tactics aren’t all that bad. If you have the funds and time to spend you can have a lot of success doing this. You can also reach out to us and we can share white hat seo tactics that bring in crazy good results for brands. Poke around our website and see what we can do for you.