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Only 90’s Kids Will Read This

90's-Marketing Girl

Dear Generation X,

You were the embodiment of attitude. You with your Netscape, Napster melodies, and Floppy Disks. Life back then was so much simpler, wasn’t it? Back then the perfect phone was one you could see through and identify all the parts and Jesus-H-Christ if it glowed in the dark everyone thought of you as a G. You invented the internet.  You can’t say that now…can ya? The internet got away and has become the wild wild west. Your business may be on it, but if you take a step back it’s difficult to know if it’s thriving or just getting by. Not anymore. I’m going to share with you 3 Key Marketing Tips taken straight out of the 90’s.

3 Marketing Tips Taken From The 90’s That Work BETTER Today  

1. Cold Calling

It’s simple. You have a list filled with a thousand phone numbers. You go one by one pick up the phone and call. Back in the 90’s industries were made their yearly revenue doing this. Then we wised up. We fell in love with automation. We lost that human touch.

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It’s gotten to the point that if you check your email 30% of your mail is spam asking you to try their services. It’s so cold. That’s why new the new marketing gimmick is personalize those emails with your first name, catchy subject lines, and the cheesy author photo.

It’s nice to see, but not fooling anyone. Now we’re not saying make a list and call everyone on it. Instead, capture leads and instead of firing off that first automated email why not test giving them a call. The reaction you get may surprise you.

2. 90’s  Nostalgia

The only reason you opened up this article is because you FELT something from the 90’s. Imagine that, marketing that makes you feel something. If you could leverage that tactic with your clients, wouldn’t you? If you could make them feel something that resulted in them taking the next step in your sales funnel I think all of us would do that.

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I’m laying this challenge down for every marketer, brand and client out there…make us FEEL SOMETHING. Make me feel happy, sad, scared, determined, positive. Anything. I guarantee the moment you tap into those feelings so will prospects.

3.   Just Say NO to Millennials

Right now everyone and their mother are marketing to the Millennials (Treehouse 51 included) and the fact is they are one of the smartest generations to ever exist. The buyer process has changed. Sell me your gizmo and I will Yelp it, Facebook it, Google it, text 3 of my closest friends about it, sleep on it, post on Twitter if it’s worth it, then go out of my way to find a cheaper deal.

That’s just the world we live in. If you want Millennials to buy from you stop selling to them. No really, STOP SELLING TO THEM. Give them a break. Instead and I know a lot of you aren’t going to like this but I’m going to tell you anyway, if you want a Millennial to buy your product and services you need to establish brand loyalty.

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How do you do that? By now you’ve heard of the need to be on Social Media. That’s one way. The obvious way. A stronger way, give away your info. Start a blog about your niche and just give it all away. Look if I wanted to know what you were about I could find out in Google search in under 5 minutes. Give it away to them because you care about them and want the best for them.  I mean come on, didn’t anyone ever tell you to just say no to drugs? Hmmm…maybe not.

-Treehouse 51

PS. After chatting with a client about their target audience (millennials) we decided to share this article. That’s typically how we do things around Treehouse 51. We talk to brands all over and when we touch on a subject that needs to be shared, we share it. If you want to learn more about us visit: oh and guys…just say no to drugs.