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Is Your Company A Google Spammer?

Link Building 101

When the Superhighway was first introduced to the world there were no limits on what you could do to drive revenue. The fact that you were on the web before the guy down the street meant you could feel secure in your business growing. Along the way, you heard about different methods to grow your online presence. Things like link building, keyword stuffing, black hat SEO. The road to success has changed…but has your brand?

What Is A Google Spammer?

During the peak of Google, you could hire an outsourcer for $10 an hour to spam the crap out of every website out there. The objective was simple: Leave a comment with a link on other websites all pointing back to your website.

What Did Spamming Do?

At the time, this was the best and most effective form of link building. In fact, that $10 an hour outsourcer made a killing because of how easy and repeatable it was. I have $10 bucks that say one of them were the creators of those nasty bot comments you always find on the backend of your website.

Does This Type Of Marketing Still Work?

To a degree, if you keep reading I’ll tell you how to maximize these efforts.

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Ever Hear of the Great Matt Cutts?

He was Google’s gatekeeper and face of all SEO news and rules that were shared across the web. Back in 2012, he announced stronger regulations to follow when it comes to link-building.

How Can You Use Link Building to Drive Revenue?

You can still hire the outsourcer for $10 an hour. And you can still spam that crap out of the web with comments about your website and links pointing back to it. The catch…you need to find websites relevant to your niche, with high domain and page authority.

How The Heck Can You Win At Link Building?

Start with Local Link Building.

So many companies that walk through our doors have shared their dreams and aspirations of being a world known brand and we’ll be the first to say HECK YES TO THAT! But before you rule the world, be a rockstar in your town.

3 Tips for Local Link Building

First, take a look at your keywords. You should have those before starting. It’ll impact your ranking one way or another so if you are missing this research take a step back and reach out to us to knock this out.

Next, identify your target cities you want to go after Start small ten cities. What you are going to do is place those cities in front of your keywords during a Google Search and add the keyword “forum” and see what pops up.

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An example would be: “Product + Newport Beach + Forum”

Finally, you’ll notice a million websites all offering different services. Where do you start? This is where things get fun. You need to identify the pages with high domain and page authority.

What the heck is page and domain authority?

Think of this as your online worth in Google’s eyes. Every website is different. There are a million factors that impact your ranking. For the most part, brands have low numbers in this area.

What you will need to do is download an extension to your web browser that identifies SEO Rankings. The tool we use is one by MOZ found right here: MOZ SEO TOOLBAR

With this tool, you can see the value of every website. From the list of websites, get ready for a tedious next few weeks…

Link Building Is Tedious. I repeat TEDIOUS.

But it works. Google values link equity. It boosts web rankings, traffic and drives revenue. In order to be successful at it, you need to be clever. Here’s a perfect example, you can follow the steps above and dip  your toes into the  start of link building because yes that is just a start and honestly, one step above being a Google Spammer.

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OR you can get creative…

Local Link Building Trick

What sounds more appealing to you. The solution above? Or throwing up a Facebook post that gets mad traffic, shares, and likes?

In 2015, we attended the Digital Marketing Summit where we spoke with SEO thought leaders who shared case studies of social link building that boosted website traffic. Pretty cool right? Turns out if you can “X” amount of activity for a social post your website will increase in search visibility.

You are on social media right?

-Treehouse 51

PS. Every few months Google updates their rules and what worked before didn’t work now. One rule has stood the test of time. Google wants to be cool. Google wants to be human. All of their updates, algorithms, formulas, data is pointing to this conclusion time and time again. It’s why that Facebook tip works. It’s why Google Spamming has limits. Evaluate everything you’re doing and ask yourself if it is “cool” and “human” if it isn’t you know where to reach us.