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Is There Any Danger In Buying Backlinks? | Treehouse 51

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Is There Any Danger In Buying Backlinks?


Link building is a huge ranking factor in search engines eyes. But the process is tedious. No two ways about it. You have to dedicate hours upon hours creating content, reaching out to webmasters, and trying to sell them on your content all for a link back to your website. It’s a tough gig. But it needs to be done. We met with a client recently who asked us about buying backlinks. We felt like the question deserved some spotlight so today we’re going to dive into it.

Is There Any Danger In Buying Backlinks?


Okay cool guys, thanks for stopping by, please remember to like us on Facebook. Just kidding. Let’s take a step back to make sure we’re all on the same page. Backlinks are links that point to your website. The more high-value links you have the more brownie points search engines like Google will give you.

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Back in the day backlinks was a number game. The more links you had, the higher your rankings were. Not anymore. Google wised up to this type of marketing and now if you want to rank, you need to go after quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks are pretty easy to spot — they’re basically links from websites that don’t suck. To know they don’t suck, simply look at the website. If the website looks spammy or…like it sucks…then the link will probably suck.

3 Risks To Buying Backlinks

1.   There Is No Screening In Place

When you buy backlinks you normally do this in bulk. They call these types of purchases link farms. Only a sucker pays for one link when they could get 50, right? Well, almost. The biggest problem with buying backlinks is, in most cases when these links are for sale they are not worth much on the web. They have that spammy vibe to them, no one wants to get near.   When you buy these links that spammy vibe trickles down to your website.

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2.   Strick Penalities

After search engines like Google got rid of the numbers game they put in place rules and bots to monitor how websites captured links. Now if you go and buy several backlinks you need to be on alert of getting dinged. Google is actively watching this, which adds an extra layer of fear to the entire process.

3. You Can’t Get A Refund  

When you purchase these links don’t expect to get a refund. Once you pay for it, that’s it. If these links end up harming your website you’ll have to spend at least double the amount you spent buying the links to phase them out of your life. This means posting new content and getting new links from other websites.

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-Treehouse 51

PS. But you still need links. If you’re going to buy any look at the site or review the SEO plan in place. We can help you with that. Take a look around our website www.Treehouse51.com, poke around our guides. We have one guide  where we outline what we call —->  The Link Building Spider. Read it. Learn it. Live it. To get the most out of your link building efforts.