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Is Mobile Marketing Right For You? | Treehouse 51

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Is Mobile Marketing Right For You?


One of the very first things I do when I wake up and go to bed is check my cellphone. I make sure any unanswered text messages have the very least a cool emoji. I leave myself reminders to any unanswered emails that need my attention. I jump on social media and make sure to like at least 1 post — it’s good karma guys. This routine isn’t just mine. Millions of consumers have the exact same pattern. Having a mobile marketing strategy isn’t a nice wish-list item anymore, it’s a must-have for your business.

Mobile Marketing Tips

1. Over 80% of Smartphone Owners will check their cell phone within 15 minutes of receiving a text message.

Imagine having a killer deal you know would boost sales if only you could share it with consumers. Odds are you have this product ready to launch. The catch is you want to get it to them now and have them take fast action.

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Unlike PPC campaigns or email marketing, SMS marketing is a solid way to get your message across to buyers instantly and effectively. Not only that, with an 80% open rate you will know your product is being looked at.

2.   Local businesses Need To Master Mobile Marketing

Just like any form of advertising there are rules and regulations to mobile marketing. Don’t make the mistake of buying a list of contacts and calling them. It’s a waste of money and in some situations can get you sued.

Instead leverage smart mobile marketing tactics. You could build a simple opt-in form on your website and/or social media accounts to capture data. Once captured you could text prospects deals.

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When it comes to local businesses having an easy to use website optimized for mobile devices is a huge factor in driving sales. Look at your website on your cell phone. When you open it are you able to find the number easily? Can you call from your website? Do you want too? Because you can with some coding and a snazzy plugin.

3.   Mobile Consumers Are Active

Studies show that if a consumer is looking at your product via a smartphone they are one step away from pulling the trigger and making a purchase. Knowing this, are you doing everything you can to make their journey as simple as possible?   It makes sense to nudge them to take action.

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Smartphone owners check their phones at least 5 times a day. Those are 5 opportunities for you to sell to them. It just so happens that mobile campaigns are just as effective if not more than email marketing. Imagine if you used both strategies together.

-Treehouse 51

PS. What our Agency loves about mobile marketing is the simplicity of it all. It’s a new channel ripe for activity. It’s where consumers live. Ask yourself, are you on your computer or phone more? Your consumers are not that different from you in this respect. Take advantage of mobile marketing. Reach out to our agency at www.Treehouse51.com to identify simple, cost effective solutions that drive results…and yes the occasional meme.