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Is Email Marketing Worth It?


We’re going to play a game. All you have to do is be 100% honest. You ready? Okay. Raise your hand if you have a Facebook account. Good. Raise your hand if you have a YouTube account. Interesting. Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest account. Now we’re getting somewhere. Raise your hand if you have a Myspace account. Hmmm…okay, now the million-dollar question. Raise your hand if you have an email account. Excellent.

Is Email Marketing Worth It?

The fact is EVERYONE has an email. Everyone. Whether it’s personal or from work. You have an email. Guess what, you’re not alone. Your consumers have emails as well. You can’t even buy a cup of coffee anymore without the cashier asking for your email. It’s everywhere. It is your digital mailbox and you bet your ass you need to be marketing on it. It’s cost effective. Long-term. And a proven way to increase leads.

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What Should My Email Marketing Plan Be?

Mission One: Capture Emails Every Chance You Get

Data is the ultimate gold mine. It is the new cash flow in our society. If you can capture emails you will grow your business.

A couple ways to do this — stop giving stuff away for free. Instead, ask consumers to opt in your mailing list. So what, if you don’t have an actual newsletter to share. You could one day.

Mission Two: Write a few emails

You’ll want to make sure your emails covers the following areas:

A) Provides value

If you send me an email it better provide instant value or not only will I delete it I will mark it as spam and hate you for life. Every time you send an email to see if you can add in a little bonus, tip or freebie. Even if it’s just the form of a clever joke you heard. Make me look forward to opening up your emails.

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B) Engage, Segment, Reengage

Why the heck are you emailing? No really…why? You have 3 minutes to capture my attention. Make them count. Have a clear message with a clear call to actions. Let consumers know what will happen if they advance through your marketing and sales funnel.

Also, give them a heads up on what will happen if they don’t. This is smart segmenting and can keep a deal alive long after your offer has expired.

Finally, re-engage these consumers. Make it fun. Send them surveys, GIF’s, memes. You need to be creative here. Again, you want them to look forward to opening up your emails.

Mission Three: Optimize Your Emails

Add those personal touches to emails. Here are some tips:

  1. Add an image of yourself on the signature
  2. Use clever subject headers
  3. Use the sender’s first name
  4. Keep the body of the email short and to the point
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Mission Four: Test and Monitor

Everything our Agency does is constantly tested and monitored. We highly recommend you do this as well. Email marketing takes time. Create different openers and offers and test which ones perform best.

Remember data is gold. Knowing what works in your industry can save you a ton of marketing dollars in future campaigns and also unlock new leads.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   Email marketing is a long-term strategy, that is a platform worth investing your time, energy and money in. Reach out to us if you would like to setup your very own email marketing campaign. Our email campaigns are optimized for results with creative solutions. Poke around our website to learn more.