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If You Don’t Have Haters, You’re Doing It Wrong


Most people aren’t fans of conflict. Most have good intentions and are just trying to get from Monday to Friday while creating some form of legacy.   Realistically most people don’t go out of their way to create problems. The thing is, problems having a way of finding you no matter what. The water cooler chatter, the snarky social media remark, the F-U look on the way to the restroom. It happens. Despite there being a huge portion of society who don’t care for this type of attention, there is an equally larger audience that has nothing better to do with their lives then find reasons to hate. It’s ignorant. It’s a waste of time. But is it really just business after a certain point? No.

If You Don’t Have Haters, You’re Doing It  Wrong

1. No Brand is Perfect

You can’t please everyone. Someone will always feel left out, dissed, forgotten, have a sense of entitlement. The list goes on. These are the types of people we see every day who once you know their true nature you wouldn’t be caught dead crossing the street with them. Karma will eventually catch up…right? One can hope.

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But how does this impact your brand?   For starters, you can’t focus on the noise. And no matter what stage you are in, there will always be noise. You can’t let it sidetrack you or take away from your brand. Some people sadly are just jerk-offs and need to be that negative source of energy. For those, you have to wash your hands of them and move on.

2. Own Your Brand Voice  

There’s an old saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” Here’s a better one for the leeches out there, “Failure has one father, success has a million.” You’re going to find those types of people who feel entitled to hate not because it’s they’re flexing their freedom of speech, but because they envy you in some way. They feel a connection to you and thus have given themselves a sense of diluted purpose to hate. It’s sad to see but happens everyday.

You can’t be discouraged by them. Whatever brand voice you have, you need to own it. You need to be proud of it. You need to not shy away from it. The moment you shy away is the moment you cripple your creativity, strategy, and business. Own who you are.

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3. How To Deal With The Haters

The norm on social media is just to brush them off, block them etc. In business, if you can cut ties with them do so asap. In life, if you feel they are harassing you, there’s always the cops which may be a good option for some. It’s not always business guys. Some haters are in fact nuts. At the end of the day, you owe nothing to them. Haters are just attention seekers. They’re the bored, unfulfilled grunt worker who lacks vision but has the audacity to demand a free pass into your world. Dismiss them. Protect yourself.

Final Thoughts…

This post isn’t about having a thick skin, but accepting not everyone is going to be a fan of what you do. Whether it’s jealously — which is often the case, a false sense of entitlement, straight out stalking, there are those out there who go out of their way to hate on you because they are negative people who have no point in their lives except to hassle you. That’s who they are. They’re recovering jerks offs turns assholes. You can feed into their negativity or you can keep moving forward. Ignore the noise. For them, their lives will always circle back to you and what you do and watching your every move. Don’t own their actions, focus on your brand.

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-Treehouse 51  

PS. This post is dedicated to all those who are just trying to get through the week. For you haters out there, get a life. I’m sorry…please get a life. No need to be rude right 🙂 But  seriously, get a  life. Everyone else, own your brand voice. Keep moving forward. Those who are not fans ideally will eventually switch the channel. Brands need to take risks. Be bold. Have a voice. For ideas on how to put your brand voice on a microphone reach out to us at