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How Will Facebook’s Emoji Status Impact You?


Finally, Facebook has rolled out options to digitally reflect the scope of our emotions. Now users have the option to leave sad, meh and even angry emoji’s. This is the closest we will get to Facebook providing a thumbs down button. Give it a couple weeks and you’ll see these emoji’s all over posts. How will these emoji’s impact you? How will an “angry” emoji impact your SEO? The theories are already starting to be shared, read here to discover the most likely turn of events based on passed Facebook data.

How Will Facebook’s Emoji Status Impact You?

  1. SEO Rankings Will Take a Hit

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines want you to provide valuable content and make sure the user experience is the best it can possibly be. Before the Facebook update the more likes you got on a post the more link equity passed along to your website. This translated to higher SEO rankings.

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With the new Facebook update, the “like” button authority will decrease and spread among all the emoji’s. What the heck does this mean? Well, an angry emoji isn’t worth the same as a happy one.

  1. Engagement Will Be KEY To Your Success

Ever hear the saying, “There is no such thing as bad press.” It’s true. All press is good press. In this case, engagement factors will rise in passing equity to your website.

What does that mean? The more shares, comments and even angry emoji’s you get — THE BETTER. Engagement will turn into a key factor in increasing your social authority across the web.

  1. Your Content Will Be Missed

A few months ago Facebook rolled out a feature on all Facebook pages making it hard as hell to have your posts viewed by your audience. They updated their algorithm so only those who post frequently and get engagement see posts.

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Again the idea here is to provide the best user experience possible. With this update comes new rating systems. Meaning you better be damn sure you get the reaction you want from your posts. The writing is on the wall, the more negative reviews you get or worse NO REVIEWS at all the higher chance there is that your content will be dismissed from all Facebook feeds.

Final Thoughts…

Now is the time to start testing. Look for old posts that performed high on social media and bring them back. Post them now and measure how they impact your SEO. Take note of how users are engaging with the content and the new Facebook options.

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A trick to sharing old content for those who don’t know include the hashtag #TBT which stands for Throw Back Thursday. No one will know you’re secretly testing. Did this article just get kind of creepy? 🙂

-Treehouse 51

PS. The world of marketing has just changed thanks to Facebook. Either you evolve with it or you will be buried. This article touches on basic feeds interactions. No doubt your social PPC Campaigns will be getting hit next. If you want to chat with a marketing pro about how to get ahead of this drop us a line at