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How To Schedule Meetings Without Wasting Time


Between refilling at Starbucks and catching up on The Walking Dead you really don’t have the time you wish you had to schedule meetings. Obviously in order for your lights to be kept on you have to set up meetings here and there but the entire process is mundane. If only there was a simple, better freaking way, to schedule meetings. There is guys. Today I’m going to share with you a FREE tool to schedule meetings. I have no affiliations with this tool whatsoever. We do NOT get a cut for mentioning them. Today is just about spreading value to our fellow brothers and sisters who are looking for a rad tool to save time. Yeah, spoiler alert — we’re all about spreading value 🙂

How To Schedule Meetings Without Wasting Time

Step Number 1:

Setup a free account to Go head. Click on it. You know you want too.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a FREE tool I found when trying to get my life in order. It’s pretty sweet and user-friendly. Basically, it connects to your calendar (Gmail, Outlook, etc). After it makes the connection you create a couple event types.

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For instance, a 1-hour phone conference. You can create this event with all the specific requirements you need to make it happen. Things like, capturing a person’s phone number, reminding them about taking notes, asking them to follow you on social media, yadyadyaydaydayya. It’s easy.

After that, you share the link with whomever you like. Now the cool part. Calendly makes the entire meeting process setup automated. You can share that link with 1,000 people and it will only provide the available times you are available to meet.

Cool Calendly Features

You can create a ton of events and set the requirements  anyway you want. Basically, the next time you reach out to someone and are trying to set up a meeting you should be sending them this link and let them click on what works for them. It’s that easy to use.

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Step 2:

How to create an event in Calendly.

Look in the upper right-hand corner and select add event.

Calendly - 1

Next, you’ll select One-on-One Event.Calendly - 2

From there the options pretty much explain themselves. But check out these key parts that I loved:

Calendy 3 PM

You can set the duration of the meeting. This comes in handy.

Calendy - 4

You can pick what days and times. After you edit one a screen will pop up to make that time option the option for all dates. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Calendy - 5

You can decide how long you want this calendar event option live for. Somethings make sense for 60 days, other times indefinitely does feel like a great option.


Calendy 6

You can have 4 options to customize your message. Each option is better than the last. Let’s say you’re having a Skype conference you need that Skype name. Option one has you taken care of. Or let’s say you want to add a link to your website that’s what the custom link is for.

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Final Step:

Share the Calendly Link.  

That’s it. Share it with whomever you want. This platform is super user-friendly. They even have a one minute video to help you set up shop. It’s a huge time saver and a better way to schedule to meetings. Give it a look. If our directions seem easy, it’s because again this is easy. Keep in mind, we’re just sharing the FREE version. One can imagine what the pro version has to offer.

-Treehouse 51

PS. Running a business doesn’t have to be complicated. Besides offering Premium Marketing Solutions we are known for sharing better ways to get the job done. What’s in it for us? If you succeed so do we. We get nothing from sharing Calendly. We’re doing it because we’ve used it, it works. Go see for yourself. If you want to talk about more awesome tools that will save you time feel free to drop us a line. Visit: