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How To Motivate Your Team


Victory. Sweet victory. They type of win you brag about for weeks during happy hour with your team. We both know it wasn’t easy to get there. We both know there’s always a chance this feeling won’t last. How do you motivate your team to continue to deliver great work? No man is an island. We need each other. Honestly, working together always produces better results. Hands down. But what happens when your team doesn’t feel it anymore?   What happens when they lose that spark? What do you do?

3 Ways To Motivate Your Team

1. Pay Them What They’re Worth

Unfortunately, my addiction to cheap orange soda won’t keep the lights on. If you want me to stay happy you need to cough up a fair amount of revenue. A solid number that shows you appreciate me and my work. So many times I have seen employees simply stop caring after realizing the amount and quality of work they do doesn’t match their pay rate.

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Some of you may be thinking, they knew what they were getting themselves into. They can always go somewhere else. Guess what guys, they do know and they will leave. Then you’ll have to replace them, train a newbie everything they did and go through this entire cycle again.

2. Offer Opportunities To Grow  

People respond to situations differently. Sometimes all they need is a little nudge to realize their value. A lot of times the issue with teammates who are no longer performing the way they used too, is because they no longer feel valued. In situations like this, I recommend you skim our post about what makes a good leader —–>  Top Things Respected Bosses Do Every Day

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To get them in the right state of mind offer them challenges to grow. Set them up to be in a leadership position for a project. Let them know they are responsible for XYZ and let them own this. You’ll be surprised but when you tell something this is all on you, you own it. You’ll get great results.

3.   Make It A Real Team

Failure starts from the top up. If a teammate feels discouraged in any way it’s because somewhere along the way leadership failed to let them know they had their back. Yes, you may have said you had their back, but actions have happened that make them realize you don’t.

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Earn their trust. Seriously consider team building activities. As cheesy as it sounds it builds solid foundations. Don’t make it a situation where you have to attend. That’s work. Make it fun. Make it something the team will look forward to going to.

-Treehouse 51

PS.   You can’t be expected to get everything right the first time around. It’s not like all of when went to leadership school and know how to run a team. It takes time and practice. Be honest about that with your team. Let them know, mistakes will happen but you’ll get through it together. It goes a long way guys. For more ideas on how to boost work productivity look around our website www.Treehouse51.com