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How To Make Easy Money With Google Adsense


There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “There’s no such thing as easy money.” This statement sadly isn’t entirely true. Today I’m going to share with you a simple way to make money online. This was is going to give you some extra income, it’ll have your competition literally paying you every time they visit your website, and overall this method is freaking easy to setup and collect on. Let’s dive into  How To Make Easy Money With Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is owned by Google. It’s a small bit of code you place on your website that tells Google bots to crawl your website and identify what your pages are about. From there, ads are placed on your website. Small time bloggers and webmasters use this tool to make an extra stream revenue of money. However, we have seen this tool bring in big bucks for larger websites.

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How Does Google Adsense Give You Money?  

After you insert the code into your website when a visitor is on your page and clicks around, IF they click on an ad you get a cut. Pretty cool right?

How To Figure Out Where to Place Google Adsense?  

Jump onto Google Analytics and look at your most visited pages. From here make a list of your top ten pages. These pages are ideal for Google Adsense. They are bringing in the most amount of traffic and as such should have Google Adsense ads placed on them.

What Should I Be Worried About When Using Google Adsense?  

It depends on your objective. If you’re looking to build a niche site and leverage affiliates and Google Adsense to bring in extra revenue then you’re fine. If you’re looking to control where your ads are shown and how many ads are shown, now you have another thing coming at you.

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Most big brands don’t want their website to be just another billboard on the web. Which is why we recommend targeting where these ads are featured. It doesn’t have to be on every page. It doesn’t even have to take up the entire page. As long as it’s on your website and people click on it, you will get Free, Easy, Money.

How Much Commission Can You Receive From Google Adsense?  

This will depend on a few factors, ie where your ads are placed, how many users click on them and most importantly what keyword you are targeting. That is the trick. If you are going after a low ranking or very competitive keyword then you aren’t going to see that much bang for your buck. If you take the time to target a specific niche keyword then that money will start to roll in.

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When Should You Launch a Google Adsense Campaign?  

You can launch one today if you like. Think about it this way, if you are getting the traffic you can monetize that now. No doubt you have competition checking out your website and poking around. How nice would it feel for them to visit your website and you get paid for it? I dare say, pretty damn nice.

-Treehouse 51

PS. If you like this Google Marketing Tip on how to make Easy, Fast Money from Google Adsense then we have something crazy cool in stored for you: How Niche Sites Make Passive Revenue.”    Check out that blog and learn more about earning passive revenue. If you’re interested in breaking down the blocks to be  successful  at this strategy feel to drop us a line and visit