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How To Make A Successful YouTube Channel


We live in a world where a three minute video packs more of a punch then a 1,000 word article. Which begs the question, how are you taking advantage of video? Are you on YouTube? Are you considering making the move to YouTube? Are you looking to be successful on YouTube? Am I asking too many questions? Alright, let’s dive into it.

How To Make A Successful YouTube Channel

1. Partner Up

I’ll say this a million and one times and people out there still won’t hear what I’m dishing out. If you are on social media stop trying to do things alone. Stop posting only about yourself and expecting to see killer results. Yes, you can get amazing results posting only your content. How else did all these other YouTube superstars get their break?

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That’s the secret — the great ones partner up with other YouTube makers. Think of the immediate benefits that has… your brand is introduced to a new set of prospects. You get a friendly endorsement from the person you partner up. There’s link juice passing to your site. Jesus, want me to keep going?

If you have a channel or a few videos already made look for other YouTubers out there who you’d like to connect with. Now before you spam them on YouTube DON’T DO THAT. Instead, find them on Twitter. Ask them a question about YouTube or the gear they use. Don’t come across like a crazy fan or someone with alternative methods, be a friend. Be SOCIAL.

2. Optimize Your YouTube Content

Your channel needs to be optimized at every point. Here is a perfect actionable item you can address today to see immediate  results — your video thumbnail.

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Think about how YouTubers interact with the medium. They type in a search and scroll through the videos until they see something visually that pops out to them. VISUAL. Remember YouTube users are visual. Play into their personas. Don’t settle for the default thumbnail, take advantage of crisp images to catch the attention of people scrolling through the channel.

3.   Don’t Be Afraid To Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has a pretty good turn around for users finding your content. On occasion videos need a little kick in the butt to get the word out. Nothing wrong with that. If you have a budget, promote your content. You’ll expose to more users and audiences.

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Remember if you plan on promoting a video make sure you have goals and objectives in place. Don’t just drop mad money thinking that’s all you need to do. Marketing means planning. Ow, I like that tag. I think I’ll use it more.

-Treehouse 51

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